How to Add Pricing Tables on Shopify Stores?

Jun 8, 2022

Some Shopify stores sell similar products or services that have different prices. This pricing strategy usually reflects the number of features included.

By default, customers have to visit separate product pages to see what those features are all about. However, you can make their life easier by adding a pricing table to your Shopify store to give an overview and comparison of these products/services.

For example, here is an example of the pricing table Shopify is using to display its plans.


This article will show you when and how to add pricing tables to your Shopify store like that.

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What Is a Pricing Table?

A pricing table is an arrangement of numbers and words representing different prices you charge for a particular product.

Overall, it is a table that shows the details of the product, service, or product package being sold. By using a pricing table, your visitors can see the current cost of your product without having to scroll down all your content.

If done right, a pricing table can communicate information clearly, showcase as many features as possible, and help your customers make the best choice easily.

Why Should You Know How to Add Pricing Tables to Shopify Stores?

If you are selling unlike products, you might be fine using traditional product pages to list all the features.

For similar products, you can create a better customer experience for your Shopify store by adding a pricing table that shows the features and prices of each of these products.

These pricing tables can:

  • Help customers choose the best fit for them.
  • Give shoppers an easy way to quickly browse through your product offerings.
  • Introduce the difference between your products.
  • Help you anchor price by highlighting a specific plan.

How to Add Pricing Tables on Shopify Stores Using an App?

In this tutorial, we will use the "Product Price Table | POWR" app to teach you how to add pricing tables on Shopiy stores, mainly because it is one of the most popular free apps in this niche so far.

Install the "Product Price Table | POWR" app

  1. Navigate to the Apps page from the Shopify dashboard.

2. After that, click the Customize your store button in the top right corner.

3. Then, search for Product Price Table | POWR.


4. Choose the app that has the same title.

5. After that, click the Add app button.


6. Check what permissions and information the app require. If you agree, press the Install app button.


You will then be redirected to a new web page where you can build pricing tables for your Shopify store. An example will be created automatically and shown to you. Therefore, you do not need to build everything from scratch.


Customize the New Pricing Table

On the left sidebar, you can edit each pricing plan by clicking on it. Also, you can click the “Add” button to add additional plans if needed.

For each plan, you can:

  • Change the name and price.
  • Add and modify the feature set.
  • Choose if it is highlighted or not.
  • Choose what the button does.

Once done with the content part, you can move on to the Design tab.


Here, you can:

  • Manage the size and spacing.
  • Change the font and its styling.
  • Modify the background and border.
  • Select how the highlighted plan is displayed.
  • Add custom CSS and JS code.
  • Choose whether you want the links opened in the same browser tab or a new one.
  • Remove POWR branding.

Add the Pricing Table to Your Shopify Store

Once you are happy with the content and design of the pricing table, it is time to add it to your Shopify store.

  1. Click the Publish button at the top-right corner.

2. Select what page(s) you want to add the pricing table to.


3. Choose the position on the web page(s) where the pricing table is displayed.

4. Finally, click the Add to Page button.

That's it! Now, you can go to the page(s) you selected to check if there is anything wrong.

Of course, this is not the only choice. Let’s look at some prominent alternatives.

Top 3 Best Shopify Pricing Table Apps (2022)

Product Price Table | POWR

  • Price: Free (paid plans starting at $4.94/month)
  • Rating: 4.3/5 (42 reviews)

This is a great app that helps Shopify store owners get more revenue by properly showcasing their products and services.


It allows you to easily create price tables, customize them to perfectly match your Shopify store design, and display them in front of your shoppers.


You can also use the highlight feature to promote your best products and draw customers to purchase them.


In addition, this app allows you to cross-sell and upsell by recommending related products with different prices to drive your customers to buy more. As a result, your Shopify store will generate more revenue.

Finally, you can create recurring payments for subscriptions and memberships to simplify your customers’ checkout process, improve the shopping experience, and increase their satisfaction.

Highlight features:

  • Highly customizable pricing tables.
  • Show product bundles and different price options.
  • Add price tables to any page on your Shopify store.
  • Create recurring payments for subscribers and memberships.

Product Pricing Table

  • Price: from $4.99/month (7-day free trial available)
  • Rating: 4.2/5 (27 reviews)

Product Pricing Table is a Shopify app designed to help you present your attractive offers clearly and thoroughly in a neat price table.

It provides a stylish, simple, and effective way to display prices for different services to customers and help them choose between your deals. As a result, conversions will be increased.


The table can show all the features and prices of your offer. Its columns are also fully customizable with a ready-to-use modern design, including font size, color, button type, design, and style.


Also, each column has its own title and caption, providing space to describe features and display price and price captions.

You can use the button captions to add any extra details of the deals and finish your columns with attractive images.

Highlight features:

  • Present your products clearly and thoroughly in price tables.
  • Show all the features and price information of your offers.
  • Columns are totally customizable.
  • Have ready-to-use modern design.

Quantity Breaks ‑ Bulk Prices

  • Price: $7.99/month (30-day trial available)
  • Rating: 4.9/5 (91 reviews)

This app helps you set a discount for your Shopify store's products based on the range of products your customers purchase.


With this app, you can set the min and max values for a product in customers' orders. It is easy to use with no setup or configuration time, which is a problem for some users.

But if you are a pro user, there are some advanced features that you can implement to your Shopify store via code, like placing pricing tables anywhere you like on product pages.

With attractive discounts for bulk purchases, you will attract more customers and, therefore, increase sales. Thus, this app is especially beneficial for merchants and wholesalers.


Highlight features:

  • Let you offer discounts with unlimited products.
  • Set the min and max quantity for your products.
  • Easy to configure and use.
  • Save your time with quick navigation features.

Final Words

We hope you already knew how to add pricing tables on Shopify stores at this point to make it easier for the shoppers to compare your products or services.

In addition, you can highlight a specific plan to deliver the recommended or most popular version. This can help customers form a baseline for the features they should buy.

The “Product Price Table | POWR” plugin allows you to add price tables to your Shopify store for free. You can get additional features by upgrading to one of its paid plans. Or you can use an alternative if it does not suit your needs.

Are you using a pricing table? How do you build yours? You can share your experiences and opinions in the comments section below.

Alice Pham

Writer and Blogger about Technology and Marketing. I also share my knowledge of Shopify, WordPress, and WooCommerce. Contact me via email: or

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