How To Find Shopify Stores: 6 Best Ways For Beginners

May 15, 2024

Finding Shopify stores can be valuable for entrepreneurs, marketers, and consumers. Whether you're seeking inspiration for your eCommerce venture, conducting market research, or simply looking for unique products, knowing how to locate these online shops is essential. 

In this guide, we'll explore how to find Shopify stores with the 6 best methods for beginners. From utilizing specialized directories to leveraging search tools, these strategies will equip you with the tools needed to navigate the vast landscape of Shopify's eCommerce ecosystem easily and confidently.

Why should you find other Shopify stores?

Finding other Shopify stores offers several key benefits:

Exploring successful Shopify stores can help you identify popular products, innovative marketing strategies, and current consumer preferences. This knowledge helps keep your business relevant and competitive in a rapidly evolving market.

Contemplating if Shopify is suitable for your business 

If you're considering Shopify for your venture, examining how established stores utilize the platform provides valuable insights. You'll gain a better understanding of Shopify's capabilities and advantages, helping you make an informed decision about its suitability for your business.

Good for innovation and inspiration 

Discovering other Shopify stores can spark new ideas for your own business. Analyzing unique store designs, creative product presentations, and effective customer engagement tactics can inspire you to refine your strategies. This exploration fosters innovation, aiding in the growth and success of your own Shopify store.

6 Best Methods to Find Shopify Store

Now that you understand the significance of exploring Shopify stores let's delve into how to discover them. We'll need to utilize various tools without an official Shopify store directory.

In the next section, I'll walk you through six available resources.

#1. Finding Shopify Stores with Google

Are you looking for something? Google it!

You can use the Shopify URL to find a list of Shopify stores. By adding specific keywords, you can narrow down your search to stores within a particular niche.

This efficient method offers insights into stores optimized for specific keywords, revealing their market focus and product offerings.


  • Open Google.
  • Type in the search bar.
  • To find a specific niche, add a keyword after, for example: "food".
  • Done.
Keywords: How To Find Shopify Stores 1

Additionally, you can use these queries to find Shopify stores in your niche with Google:

  • + “keyword”
  • + “keyword”
  • intitle:" Shopify store" + "keyword"
  • “powered by Shopify” + “keyword”

#2. Finding Shopify Stores Using BuiltWith

BuiltWith is a website profiler tool that reveals the technologies used to build a website.

Additionally, BuiltWith offers a powerful information summary feature. With one click, you can download a list of Shopify stores, which includes key details such as store locations, revenue estimates, and employee counts. This information is invaluable for competitive analysis.


  • Visit BuiltWith.
  • Register or login.
  • Click on [Tools] at the top of the homepage.
  • Select [eCommerce lists].
  • Choose [Global Shopify Stores].
Keywords: How To Find Shopify Stores 2
  • Download the list to see current Shopify customers.
  • Done.

#3. Finding Shopify Stores via

Since many Shopify stores use the same IP address, pinpointing them becomes straightforward with This website offers comprehensive data on IP addresses, websites, and related information, efficiently identifying websites within designated IP ranges.

Common IP addresses for Shopify include:


  • Visit
  • On the home page, under [whois lookup], enter the IP address you want to query.
Keywords: How To Find Shopify Stores 3
  • Done.
Keywords: How To Find Shopify Stores 4

#4. Finding Shopify Stores Using FindNiche

Are you interested in identifying Shopify stores and learning about their marketing strategies and profitability? FindNiche is your solution.

FindNiche can quickly generate a list of Shopify websites and provide key details such as traffics, product counts, and monthly revenue. This information is invaluable for market research and competitive analysis.


  • Visit FindNiche.
  • Locate [shopify] at the menu of the homepage.
Keywords: How To Find Shopify Stores 5
  • Click on [shopify store].
Keywords: How To Find Shopify Stores 6
  • Enter keywords you want to search for, like "fashion" or "shoes," to get a list of relevant shops.
Keywords: How To Find Shopify Stores 7
  • Done.

#5. Finding Shopify Stores With Webminer

For in-depth market analysis of your Shopify website, TheWebMiner is incredibly useful due to its powerful data scraping capabilities.

One of its standout features is TheWebMiner Filter, which lets you quickly identify websites using Shopify.


  • Visit TheWebMiner.
  • Navigate to [tools] at the top of the homepage.
  • Select [TheWebMiner Filter].
Keywords: How To Find Shopify Stores 8
  • Enter "Shopify" in the search bar.
Keywords: How To Find Shopify Stores 9
  • You will then see a list of current Shopify stores.
  • Done.

#6. Finding Shopify Stores on Social Media

Many Shopify store owners use social media to promote their businesses, update their products, and launch marketing campaigns. This makes social media a great place to discover Shopify stores.

You can easily find these stores by using keywords and hashtags. For example, if you're interested in green food Shopify stores and want to identify competitors, search for 'green food + Shopify store' on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Additionally, follow influencers on Pinterest, Facebook, Reddit, and LinkedIn. These influencers often share insights on Shopify marketing, providing you with up-to-date and valuable information.

How to Discover Top Shopify Stores?

Are you interested in finding the most successful Shopify stores? There are various methods to uncover them. Keep abreast of industry news, follow influential marketing analysts within the Shopify community on social media, and employ the previously mentioned '' method to stay informed.


  • Visit
  • Enter the IP addresses mentioned previously (from the #3 method provided) and click "Whois Lookup".
  • Click on "View All Records".
Keywords: How To Find Shopify Stores 10
  • Select "World Site Popular Rating".
Keywords: How To Find Shopify Stores 11
  • The lower the number, the more popular the store is.

Bonus: How Do You Find The Newest Shopify Stores?

Are you looking for the latest information on Shopify stores?

Stay updated by joining Shopify-related social media groups and forums, where members frequently share interesting messages on Shopify topics.

Additionally, look for trending products on platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest to uncover newly emerging stores.

FAQs of How To Find Shopify Stores:

Is there a directory of Shopify stores?

No, there isn't an official directory of Shopify stores. However, various methods and tools are available to help you discover Shopify stores.

How do I find good Shopify stores?

You can find good Shopify stores using tools like, BuiltWith, FindNiche, and TheWebMiner, which provide insights into store performance, marketing strategies, and profitability. Additionally, you can follow social media groups and forums related to Shopify for recommendations and insights from other users.

How can you tell if a store is Shopify?

One way to identify if Shopify powers a store is by checking the website's URL. Shopify stores typically have "" in their domain. You can also use tools like or TheWebMiner Filter to confirm whether a website uses Shopify.

How to find Shopify store owners?

Finding Shopify store owners can be challenging as there isn't a central database. However, you can reach out to them through social media platforms like LinkedIn or tools like FindNiche, which may provide contact information for store owners. 

Additionally, joining Shopify-related communities and attending eCommerce events can help you connect with store owners.

How To Find Shopify Stores: Conclusion

In conclusion, navigating the vast landscape of Shopify stores is essential for entrepreneurs, marketers, and consumers alike. 

By leveraging the 6 best methods outlined in this guide, beginners can efficiently find Shopify stores for market research, inspiration, and competitive analysis. Whether utilizing search engines, specialized tools, or social media platforms, mastering these strategies empowers individuals to stay informed, innovate in their ventures, and succeed in the dynamic world of eCommerce. 

Start exploring today and unlock the potential of Shopify's thriving ecosystem.

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