How To Get FREE Stuff on AliExpress?

Dec 29, 2022

You can buy almost anything from AliExpress including cars, toys, electronics, machines, clothing, and furniture,... The goods not available are weapons, software, and vehicles. digital.

At AliExpress products are not only sold at low prices, but it also offers free items through a service called Free Gifts.

AliExpress designed this service to help sellers advertise and get reviews for their new items from customers. Furthermore, shoppers can request free samples from the seller making the purchase decision.

So in this article, we will learn How To Get FREE Stuff on AliExpress.

Let's get started.

What Are AliExpress Freebies?

Products that are given away free to a select group of recipients are known as freebies. Although it may seem strange, there is a very straightforward explanation for this. AliExpress freebies are a pretty simple way for sellers to market their products and garner positive ratings while also providing you with free things.

Since there is no upfront cost associated with this arrangement, there are no negative aspects. You will only be charged $0.01 even if you win. The platform only allows you to submit two applications for freebies every day.

There are many different freebie competitions on AliExpress. Most frequently, merchants offer reasonably priced things (around $20). However, there are sporadic giveaways of respectable goods like cellphones, laptops, wireless earbuds, etc. Your greatest option is anything cheaper because those receive a ton of applications.

How to Apply for AliExpress Freebies?


On AliExpress, you cannot receive a free item without requesting it. Applying for a freebie on AliExpress is as follows:

Only the mobile app can access the freebies. So download the AliExpress mobile app instead of using the desktop version temporarily. It works flawlessly on all popular platforms and is just like using a computer to browse the website.

  1. Open the app, sign in (or create an account if you don't already have one), and select the Freebies & Reviews tab (it's adjacent to the Coins and Coupons sections).
  2. You will find a list of the things that have been listed with their original cost as complimentary giveaways. Pick any two that are offered.
  3. Try to just accept proposals from applicants. The screenshot shows that the amount can rise well above 10,000.
  4. After selecting the item, click the Apply for Free option.
  5. By clicking the Save Address button, confirm the address.
  6. To confirm that they have read the Terms & Conditions, click Agree.
  7. Your application was accepted!

If accepted, add the retailer offering the item to your Favorites list. You will not be eligible to win the reward if you don't comply. Additionally, before applying, you must have more than $0.01 on your AliExpress account.

Here are a few ways to get your freebies now that you've applied.

How To Get Free Stuff on Aliexpress?

AliExpress offers free gifts under $20 however you can sometimes get other high value items like electronics and clothing.

Here are three methods you can use to get them for free:

#1. Method 1: Review products on AliExpress


Make an account on AliExpress before posting a review there. Your email address must be manually entered in the sign-up form. You might also use a Google, Facebook, or VK account to sign in.

The following step is to write an excellent, sincere review of every good you order. Your chances of receiving a free item rise if you write a highly-rated review.

#2. Method 2: Use the AliExpress app

For a better possibility of receiving a free item from merchants, use the AliExpress app more regularly. A lengthy ordering history ensures freebies from AliExpress.

The benefit is that your overall ordering budget need not be outrageous. Instead, you can raise your ratings by placing orders as low as $5.

#3. Method 3: Increase your use of the AliExpress app and your interaction with sellers.

Even though you can utilize any AliExpress freebies hack, the ideal strategy is to use the website and app more regularly. Engage with merchants and rate their products while you're at it.

You can respond to the vendors' comments as well. You will be ranked highly among the list of consumers eligible for free things thanks to the AliExpress algorithm, which will take note.

How to Improve Your Chances of Winning Free Items from AliExpress?

The major requirement is that you must be a frequent user. Let's explain what it really means:

  • As much as you can, apply: You are only permitted to receive two freebies per day, obviously. However, be careful to use both of those two shots consistently (or as often as you can).
  • Pick giveaways with fewer applicants: There won't be as much competition because your odds of winning increase with the number of participants.
  • Apply for less expensive goods: Due to the fact that most applicants want to win something reasonably priced, these frequently receive less applications. But winning there is really challenging.
  • Regular purchases: It is well known that the algorithm favors customers with extensive purchase histories, particularly those with recent transactional activity.
  • Your overall ordering costs should go up: You are not required to leave ludicrously large sums on the AliExpress website. A few $5–$6 orders, though, would hardly raise your rating.
  • Leave comments : Write thorough, frank reviews of every item you purchase. This will demonstrate that you are actively interacting with the neighborhood.
  • Don't forget to use the website and app: Visit the platform frequently and remain active there (invite friends, put likes, communicate with the sellers).

What to do if you win free stuff on AliExpress?

After being chosen to receive a gift, confirm your purchase by paying $0.01 to have it delivered. Open the My Freebies area of the app to do this.

If you're lucky, you should have the item in less than a week.


Above are how to get free stuff on AliExpress? So we have to say that “Free Gifts” is not an easy way to get something for free. It's for people who often buy from AliExpress. Customers who buy 1–2 times a year hardly have a chance to win gifts. But it's worth a try, especially if you want to get a free product.

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