How to Build a One Product Shopify Store? (+ Examples)

May 6, 2022

If you think eCommerce is a playground for only people who sell multiple products, you may want to reconsider. Why? Because selling just one product online can be as profitable as running a huge online store with various items.

Some multimillion-dollar online businesses like Casper started with just one product that people still remember today. So, why not try to build a one product Shopify store to grow your business now?

In this article, we'll show you an effective way to create a one product store using Shopify that's scalable in the future.

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What's Exactly is a One Product Shopify Store and Its Benefit?

The name says it all. You sell just one product, then build a Shopify store to get people to purchase your product online. And to spice up your online business, you can have variants, like colors, sizes, materials, etc., to expand the range of choices.


Below are some advantages of building a single product Shopify store:

  • Help to focus your energy, time, and human resources on developing your unique product. An online store is a channel that you can effectively exploit to bring your product closer to potential customers.
  • Reach a wider audience. The internet is a vast platform for you to bring your product closer to many people. That's why sellers often don't want to miss out on the opportunity to scale up their business by starting running an online store, even if their physical store is doing well.
  • Help create a strong brand. Since you have time to focus on only one product, it'll be easier to build brand awareness and plan advertising. People will know what your business is and what they can get as soon as they visit your online store.
  • Designing and managing a single product Shopify website can be less complicated. Instead of creating multiple collections and categories, you can create and perfect just one product page, which eases your total workload. In addition, managing orders and inventory for an item is also a lot easier and thus saves a lot of time.

How to Create a One Product Shopify Store in 4 Steps?

How can you create a functional single product store using Shopify from scratch? Here are some factors you need to take seriously.

#1: Get to Know Your Product Well

If you're already in business with just one product, great! However, it's best to ensure you know who your target audience is, how different your product is compared to the competitors, and how much it's worth.

In addition, you should ask yourself:

  • What shipping policy do you need?
  • Can you sell your product internationally?
  • How can you design a user-friendly Shopify store with this product?
  • Who and how can manage this store to get more visitors that can convert into customers in the future?
  • Etc.

For those who don't know what the winning product is yet, you should create a detailed picture of your buyer persona. Find out what their pains are and what solutions you can show them.

#2: Have a Branding Plan

Identify your brand's core value from the start. This is what your business stands for. So, you shouldn't change it midway.

Since you're just branding a product, it's easier to make customers remember you as they can see what you're selling right after entering your online store.

In addition, creating a matching logo is also vital to help stimulate customers to think of your brand whenever they see it.


#3: Prepare Website Content

Content is a crucial part of your website. You should consider even small details like what sections should be in the navigation bar, images for the hero banner, etc.

The blog section is also necessary, as it's where you can get creative with articles that can attract visitors.

Also, pay attention to the ad content. Think about how engaging and different your ad can be. Do A/B testing with Google Drafts & Experiments for Google Ads or AdEspresso for Facebook Ads to optimize your budget.

#4: Create Your One Product Shopify Store

Now, it's time to transform your plan into a visually appealing online store. Here are the steps to help you quickly create a single product Shopify store:

Choose a Single Product Shopify Theme that Suits Your Business

Having an excellent and suitable theme to attract visitors is very important. Your single product Shopify website should offer a friendly and easy-to-understand experience as customers navigate around your website.

The menu bar should be simple. CTA buttons should be clear and attentive. And make sure to use high-resolution images and videos.

The great thing is that you can easily find such themes on the Shopify theme store or other theme marketplaces. Here are the top 10+ best one product Shopify themes (both paid and free) we recommend.

Build the Homepage

Once you choose a theme for your single product Shopify store, you can quickly build a responsive homepage. While doing so, pay attention to your images, color scheme, and CTA buttons.


The homepage should be attractive and able to quickly highlight the meaningful value of your product.

Create a Unique Product Page

Here's where people become your customers. Therefore, their buying process has to be perfect. That's why you should create a high-converting product page.

You should use high-quality product images and strong CTA buttons. In addition, compelling product descriptions are also important, as customers are always looking for more product details before taking the final action.


Have Social Proof on Your Single Product Shopify Store

You should include reviews from previous buyers on the homepage and/or product page using a review plugin, such as Ryviu. This can increase the chances of others buying your product by more than 250%.


We recommend at least showing testimonials on the homepage, as it's pretty effective. The visitors can quickly be aware of how good your product or service is in their learning journey, which can lead to subsequent purchases.


Perfect Your Shopify Store

Make sure every part of your single product Shopify store is consistent. The colors and image sizes should be identical and high-quality. Test your product page, homepage, etc., to ensure you use the same tone of voice to your customers.

Also, you should make sure your Shopify store loads fast and is compatible with mobile devices. Audit your store if there are any latency issues on both desktop and mobile.

Top 3 Examples of a Successful One Product Shopify Store

Ratio Coffee


You can see what this company is selling right after entering its online store: coffee machines.

The store has a simple navigation bar and a large video banner showcasing its product.

Also, when you go to the product page, it has all the necessary information with pictures. In addition, there are many 5-star reviews from its customers telling how their coffee tastes better after using the product.



TRUFF knows how to grab visitors' attention with a large video banner on top of the homepage. In addition, it also uses an alluring tagline—"no limit to indulgence"—and two clear CTA buttons.



Dryrobe sells high-quality windproof and waterproof robes for sports lovers, especially water sports athletes.

Visitors will enjoy its online presence since the professional hero video contains amazing scenes of surfers and swimmers wearing its products.

Additionally, it partnered with many big brands like RedBull and GoPro to offer their kits at the Rio Olympics in 2016.

One Product Shopify Store: FAQs

Can you start a Shopify store with one product?

Yes, you can definitely start a Shopify store with just one product. In fact, many successful online businesses have started with just one product and later expanded their product range as they grew.

Is a one product Shopify store better?

Whether a one product Shopify store is better or not depends on various factors such as the product, the target audience, and the marketing strategy. However, a one product store can be easier to manage and can help you to focus on a specific niche market, leading to better customer engagement and higher conversion rates.

Should I only sell one product on Shopify?

Selling only one product on Shopify can be a good strategy if your product has a unique selling point and is in high demand in your target market. However, if you have multiple products or plan to expand your product range in the future, it may be better to choose a more general store model.

What is a one product store? 

A one product store is an online store that specializes in selling only one product or a very small range of related products. These stores often have a very targeted niche market and can be very successful if marketed effectively.

Final Words

Selling only a product online offers many advantages. You'll have more time to get creative with your brand and make it unique.

And as you can see, it's pretty easy to build a one product Shopify store. So, if you've already planned everything from product ideas to content strategy, why not start your journey right now? We wish you luck!

Alice Pham

Writer and Blogger about Technology and Marketing. I also share my knowledge of Shopify, WordPress, and WooCommerce. Contact me via email: or

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