How To Add Apple Pay To Shopify?

Mar 10, 2022

There are various payment gateways available on Shopify. Shopify Payments is the default option, and it has a low transaction fee, especially if you have Shopify Plus. Within Shopify Payments, you can also specify what type of payment your customers can use to complete transactions at the checkout.

If you want to give your clients options other than credit and debit cards, Apple Pay is a great option. It enables consumers using an Apple iPhone to pay for things more quickly, reducing cart abandonment on your store. In this article, I will present the background on Shopify Apple Pay, the benefits of using Apple Pay payment gateway, and show you how to accept Apple Pay in your Shopify store.

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What is Shopify Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a payment service that also serves as a digital wallet. It was originally intended as a contactless payment system for Apple products such as the iPhone, iPad, and Mac, but it has since evolved. It makes use of Apple's biometric system, which is essentially a fingerprint scanning (Touch ID) or face-scanning technology (Face ID).

This new layer of security makes Apple Pay far more secure than traditional contactless cards. Additionally, businesses do not obtain customer credit card information when using Apple Pay. Instead, it employs a Device Account Number that is only accessible through a single device.

This increases the security of Apple consumers' purchases in stores, on websites, and in apps. Apple Pay simplifies, secures, and protects payments for both users and businesses.

Apple Pay is really simple to integrate with Shopify. Customers who use Apple devices won't have to set up for an account or waste time re-entering their personal information and payment information when making a purchase from a Shopify store. They can easily complete the checkout procedure with a few taps on their devices.

How does Apple Pay Work?

When a customer with a compatible device enters your Shopify store, they will see an Apple Pay button. After that, the consumer can tap this button to finalize their transaction with Apple Pay. When users do this, the shipping and payment information they have stored in their wallet will be presented automatically.

The total amount of their order, delivery costs, and any relevant taxes will also be revealed. At this stage, the customer must use their biometrics to verify the transaction. This authentication experience will differ significantly based on the device the customer is using.

Customers using iPhones or iPads will see a notification on their screen asking them to complete the transaction using their device's Touch ID or Face ID. The purchase will be validated as soon as their fingerprint or face is scanned.

The prompt appears on the touch bar on MacBooks with Touch ID. They can verify the purchase by scanning their fingerprint using Touch ID. Customers with MacBooks without Touch ID can utilize Apple Pay on their Mac with another Apple device such as an iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. A prompt will be delivered to the phone through Bluetooth, and it may be confirmed on the other device using Touch ID.

Why to use Apple Pay in Shopify store?

Apple Pay is one of the greatest solutions for Shopify store owners who wish to use Shopify Payments but also provide consumers the option of paying for goods in a variety of ways. There are five primary causes behind this.

  • It is simple to use for both merchants and shoppers.
  • It is extremely safe, so clients can be certain that their financial information will not be taken by crooks.
  • There are anti-fraud components that serve to safeguard both buyers and sellers.
  • Banks and other financial institutions are embracing Apple Pay around the world.
  • Apple Pay has a plethora of integrations that allow it to be implemented on a variety of platforms, including Shopify.

Furthermore, Shopify Payments accepts Apple Pay payments. You simply need to enable it on your account.

What you need to use Shopify Apple Pay?

Now that you understand the advantages of enabling Apple Pay in your Shopify store, ensure that you meet the requirements before activating and using Shopify Apple Pay:

For online shoppers

Buyers should know:

On a desktop computer:

  • Have an Apple Pay-enabled card in their Wallet app.
  • Use Safari 10 in conjunction with macOS Sierra.
  • Be logged in with the same Apple ID that they use on their iPhone, iPad, or Watch.
  • Have Bluetooth turned on their Mac.

On mobile devices:

  • Have an Apple Pay-enabled card in their Wallet app.
  • Use Safari on smartphone supported iOS 10.

For shop owners

There are several requirements needed if you want to accept Apple Pay on your Shopify store. The first requirement is that you already take credit card payments through one of these providers:

  • Shopify Payments
  • Stripe
  • First Data Payeezy
  • CyberSource

Besides, you must have an active SSL certificate on your Shopify store. And you must follow, Appleā€™s Acceptable Use Guidelines.

If you have met these requirements, you are now ready to activate Apple Pay on your Shopify store.

How To Add Apple Pay To Your Shopify Store?

Follow the steps below to enable Apple Pay in your Shopify store.

Step 1: Login To Your Shopify Store

First, you need to log in to your Shopify store.

Step 2: Access to Shopify Payment settings

From your Shopify Admin, click the Settings section at the bottom of the page.

Click the Payments tab

Navigate to the Credit Card Payment Provider section and click Manage.

Step 3: Enable Shopify Apple Pay

In the Payment Gateway section, click Edit.

Under the Digital Wallets accepted section, tick the box for Apple Pay.

Step 4: Save everything

The final step is to click the Save button to update your changes.

Shopify will handle everything else after you enable the Apple Pay option on your Shopify store. This payment option will be activated, and your store will be able to recognize clients who are using compatible devices. When a customer checks out with an Apple device, they will see a one-step buy option.

You are now ready to go, and your customers may use Apple Pay to complete their purchases and check out on your store.


It's a no-brainer to give your consumers the choice of paying in a seamless, convenient, and secure manner. As a result, your conversion rates will rise, cart abandonment will fall, sales will rise, and revenue will rise.

Adding Apple Pay to your Shopify store could be the game changer you're looking for. One of its most significant advantages is the ability to reach a vast and rising group of mobile buyers via Apple devices. Apple Pay also ensures a high level of security for you and your customers by providing a frictionless checkout experience.

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