How to Create a Shopify Coming Soon Page?

Aug 25, 2022

One of the easiest ways to get people excited about your new brand before you officially release it is to create an excellent Shopify coming soon page. It will help your Shopify business get off the ground and give you a huge head start.

Furthermore, a larger pool of potential buyers coming from this Coming Soon page will ultimately mean more leads, more sales, and more money in the bank.

In this article, I'm going to spill the beans on everything about Shopify coming soon page and show you how to create one that actually works.

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What is Shopify Coming Soon Page?


A coming soon page is a landing page which you should establish before you launch your business. It often aims to drive visitors to learn more about you, capture their attention, and ask them to help you spread the word.

Not every firm needs a coming soon website, and it shouldn't be used as a justification for delaying a launch. It's merely a temporary page yet essential to announce your establishment in the near term (often less than 1 month).

For instance, if you're starting a dropshipping or t-shirt business, you can typically "soft launch" your store quickly and make adjustments along the way.

A coming soon page can help you get a head start on marketing. It allows you to build and advertise concurrently, and ensuring that you have an audience to launch till you can formally open your digital doors to clients.

Key points to creating a successful Shopify Coming Soon Page

Ultimately, a Shopify Coming Soon page helps establish a pre-launch audience, and creates interest in your brand or goods among potential customers. In this way, you can have an established base of potential clients waiting for you when you finally release your product.

Although everyone can make a Shopify coming soon page, what are the most effective ways to design one? In the same way as crafting an essay, you should pay attention to the 3 following parts:

1. Introduction: Good attention-grabbing headline.

Writing an engaging headline is the first step in developing a Coming Soon website that generates excitement for the release of your new product. The kind that makes your site visitors want to learn more. Your headline's purpose is to demonstrate that you have empathized with the problems your target audience is experiencing and can provide them with a remedy. It also gets people excited for what's coming, and it does so much more effectively than a generic ”Coming Soon" message.

However, the introduction should not be around you – your brand, it’s all about customers. Right after the headline, give them one sentence that describes the value that you want to deliver. It's the first impression you'll make on potential customers, so it should be striking and honest.

2. Body: Your main purpose

Keep in mind that from the minute a visitor lands on your Coming Soon page, they are skimming it for information. The “Coming Soon” page needs a purpose. Why do you create this page? There are often 4 reasons that you may want to consider:

  • Give a preview of what will happen next: Visitors to your coming soon website probably have no preconceived notions about your company or its upcoming offerings. A brief film explaining your brand's USP is an excellent method to generate massive amounts of buzz.
  • Compile a list of email addresses: When it's time to open for business, having a list of interested parties is priceless. To get people excited about your launch, you can send them a series of emails leading up to it. E-mail surveys sent to those who signed up early are also a great way to obtain input from the community.
  • Incorporate social sharing tools: A person who finds your pre-launch page and thinks it's cool is more than likely to share that opinion with their peers. If you want people to spread the word about your company, include share buttons, so they can easily forward the link to their friends.
  • Give your contact information: Customers can acquire all the information they need and be nudged into your pre-launch audience with the use of a touchpoint. It's great for attracting the attention of media organizations and other companies that could be interested in partnering with you on your launch.

After the instruction, be sure to add a few phrases stressing the upcoming features and benefits they'll enjoy as a subscriber. The upcoming release date of your store or product(s) could be announced here.

When doing that, make sure to make use of scarcity-related power words, limited stock alerts, and the inclusion of a countdown timer. These are also effective methods of creating a sense of urgency on your page.

3. Conclusion: Provide a compelling "call to action"

If you want people to take action, you need a call to action that jumps out at them on your Coming Soon website. A call to action (CTA) button, as seen on the Coming Soon website for the Spotify Car Thing product launch, benefits from big, bold lettering and contrasting colors.

Your Coming Soon message and CTA should make it crystal clear what you want visitors to do before they leave your site. Including social share buttons (more on this below) is a great idea, but make sure they don't steal the show from your core call to action.

You can also make it easy for visitors to contact you by installing a live chat app like Tidio or providing a phone number (a live calling widget provides easy access to both). Make it possible for site visitors to get in touch with you, ask questions, and share their thoughts on your idea.

How to Create a Shopify Coming Soon Page?

There are 3 methods that you can use to create a Shopify Coming Soon Page. Depending on your needs, you may want to adopt different methods, so make sure to check out this guide here to choose your suitable one:




Method 1: Utilize the password page of your current Shopify website

  • Fastest, easy to do

  • Free

  • Limited customization

Methods 2: Duplicate your current website

  • Greater customization

  • Free

  • Not enough unique elements on the coming soon page.

  • A little time-consuming because of the manual building process.

Method 3: Create a different landing page via an app

  • Specialized for Coming Soon page, with unique features

  • Full customization

  • It’s not free.

Method 1: Utilize the password page of your current Shopify website

This fastest approach to launch your coming soon page on Shopify is to use your password page. If all you need is a placeholder page to introduce your company and collect email addresses, this is the way to go.

Most password-protected pages already feature a rudimentary "coming soon" page (an email signup form, social sharing buttons, etc.). Furthermore, It's password-protected, so you can give select people access to your website while it's still under construction.

Step 1: Access Shopify main page

  • Select Online Store from your Shopify dashboard.
  • Then, select Preferences from the menu that appears.

Step 2:  Enabling password page

  • To enable password protection, go to the Password Protection section of the settings.
  • Select Restrict access to visitors with the password to activate the feature.
  • Put in a password and an easy-to-understand note for your guests. Remember to click Save button at the top of the page when you’re done.

Step 3: Accessing Theme section

You may now further personalize the coming soon page by heading over to Themes tab in the menu. Then, access Customize to go into your store website’s editor.


Looking at the top of the page, type in “password” to access the page. Now you can use the blocks on the left to include images, text, and more.


Methods 2: Create 2 versions of your store on Shopify

Create two versions of your store on Shopify: a "coming soon" version that you post throughout the pre-launch period as the hub of your marketing efforts, and a “working” version that you will continue to construct for the actual launch.

Making a Coming Soon page on the front page of the new (temporary) theme for your shop will provide you with access to more features. Photos of your products, a moving explanation video, call-to-action buttons, user reviews, links to your social media profiles, and more can all go on this one page.

Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: Accessing Theme section

  • First, navigate to the Themes section of the Online Store. Locate the Current theme by visiting the Themes area of your dashboard.
  • Select Duplicate from the Actions menu. A new theme will be added to your Theme collection.

Step 2:  Customize your page

  • With more rooms to play, you can now transform this website into your Shopify coming soon page as you want. Using blocks, you may add images, movies, and texts,... exactly as you like.
  • You can also choose to create your Coming Soon with only one page or a few. But remember to keep it easy enough that they'll do what you want them to.

Lastly, go to Actions > Publish to make it your active theme from your Theme collection.

Method 3: Create a different landing page via an app

The use of a Shopify Coming Soon app is another option for creating a landing page for a future Shopify store launch. While the other two techniques listed are free, this method requires payment. However, it is quite reasonable for you to consider. They are used by popular companies all over the world since they are an easy way to get a website up and operating quickly.

Although we can not provide any how-to tutorials on every app, they often include detailed instructions with their 24/7 support that should help you create a Shopify Coming Soon page effortlessly. Here are some of the Coming Soon page builders you can find in the Shopify App Store that you can consider for your purchase:

If you want us to review these Coming Page Builder apps, please leave a comment below.


To conclude, creating a Shopify Coming Soon Page is not particularly complicated, but there are a few important details to remember. If you follow the steps in this tutorial, you should be able to build a functional landing page in Shopify. If you like our guides to setting up Shopify stores, be sure to sign up for our mailing list to receive future updates.

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Writer and Blogger about Technology and Marketing. I also share my knowledge of Shopify, WordPress, and WooCommerce. Contact me via email: or

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