9 Ways to Edit Your Shopify Thank you Page to Increase Sales

Mar 21, 2022

When you go to a store, you'll notice it puts lots of small items near the counter, hoping you'll pick something up and toss it in your shopping cart without much thought. As a result, the store increased revenue per customer.

Similarly, your Shopify thank you page can be a goldmine of upselling and cross-selling for you. In other words, that means boosting the Average Order Value (AOV) of your online store.

Our article will walk you through the structure of a perfect thank you page in Shopify. Below, you'll find helpful tips and advice that you can apply to your online store immediately.

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What is a Shopify Thank You Page?

Basically, a thank you page in Shopify is also known as Shopify order confirmation page where your customers are taken to after completing one final action on your online store.

Typically, the page will present you with a brief thank you message that shows your gratitude for completing the action, just as any customer would expect.

The most common form of a Shopify order confirmation page is a transaction one, where a buyer is thanked for completing a purchase.

However, one type of thank you page that is increasingly popular is the one that thanks visitors for becoming leads by signing up for an email newsletter, downloading an ebook, etc.

What Does the Default Thank You Page in Shopify Look Like?

Once your customers complete the transactions and purchases on your online store, they'll be taken to a Shopify thank you page.

The default thank you page in Shopify can vary depending on the current theme. But it usually just has a 'Thank you!' text with the customer information listed on it.

It's clean and straightforward, but not much else. It clearly doesn't persuade customers to keep browsing through other products in your online store.

Why Should You Edit the Thank You Page in Shopify?

Your Shopify thank you page is a place you can improve the shopping experience and engage customers even after purchases.

You can amaze customers with discounts on additional items they may need after purchasing your products. For example, a 20% discount on candlesticks after buying candles can be well-received.

In addition, customers might not have found the item you're recommending without your Shopify thank you page if your store's navigation menu isn't intuitive.

This is also a chance to ask buyers to sign up for your email newsletter, which can turn them into repeat customers and increase their lifetime value.

It can be pricey to continuously run more ads to find new customers. Increasing your repeat customers through a sales funnel is an alternate, cost-effective way to increase sales.

A button to upsell with one click can provide customers a more painless buying experience while increasing the Average Order Value.

Even just customizing the text on your order confirmation page in Shopify can make your customers feel appreciated.

9 Ways to Edit Your Shopify Thank You Page to Increase Sales

#1: Make Purchases Look Personal

Your Shopify thank you page should contain details about the order, order completion confirmation, and some information about the delivery process.

Additionally, taking it a step further to add a personal, heartfelt message can lead to more engaged customers.

To do so, go to Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit Languages.

After that, click the button with the three-dot icon and select Checkout & system.

You'll see plenty of options to customize your online store's messages. Scroll down to the Checkout thank you section to write personalized messages thanking your customers for purchasing your products.

#2: Offer Valuable Discounts

A coupon code can attract your customers to come back to your online store and make other purchases. You can also bundle an add-on to the products they purchased at a discount.

An app like Thank You Page Customizer or Better Thank You Page can make it easy to add coupon codes with drag-and-drop widgets.

#3: Embed a Video that Talks to Your Buyers

You can embed a video that talks to the buyers. This is an opportunity to provide them with important information about:

  • their product shipments,
  • compelling products being rolled out,
  • additional products that may be useful to them,
  • etc.

For your Shopify thank you page, you can edit it using one of the plugins above to embed videos.

#4: Engage on Social Media Platforms

You can send updates on new products and promotions that encourage repeat purchases to shoppers who follow you on social media platforms.

Also, prompting shoppers to share their purchases on social media is a cost-effective way to acquire new customers through word of mouth.

For your thank you page in Shopify, you can edit it using one of the plugins above to quickly add share buttons.

#5: Upsell

Pop-ups and one-click upsells are popular methods to encourage shoppers to make another purchase. These are very effective if you have limited-time offers.

For your thank you page, there are many upsell apps you can use in Shopify, forr example Reconvert.

#6: Allow Customers to Track Their Shipments

Instead of giving your customers a convoluted tracking number and forcing them to go through a few actions to track their products, you can use Shopify order confirmation page to show all the tracking details.

This is also a great way to make your customers come back to your Shopify thank you page multiple times. You should include coupon codes or upsells here to encourage more purchases from your online store.

The Reconvert app we mentioned above also allows you to provide detailed tracking information to your customers on your Shopify thank you page.

#7: Offer Referral Incentives

Customers that love your products enough to make a purchase are ideal promoters for your online store.

A referral program entices customers to invite their friends to shop on your online store in exchange for a discount. In return, you get more sales. This is a win-win situation.

An app like Referral Candy makes it possible to customize your referral offer pages and pop-ups and incentives ranging from cash and coupons to freebies.

#8: Provide Survey Questions

You can use your thank you page in Shopify to get feedback from shoppers who have completed the purchase process.

By embedding your survey questions into the Shopify thank you page, the shoppers save the hassle of opening a separate browser tab.

Below are some tips for increasing survey response rates:

  • Ask related questions about your brand.
  • Design questions that can reply with concise answers.
  • Offer a small reward for conducting the survey.

An app like Enquire Post Purchase Survey makes it easy to embed survey questions in the thank you page with your brand design and colors.

#9: Show Trust Symbols

Trust symbols aren't just for checkout and product pages to incentivize shoppers to take action.

Trust badges and other guarantees like free shipping, money-back guarantees, and famous third-party logos on your Shopify thank you page can help shoppers feel more confident in their purchases. This reduces the chances of buyers having regrets or immediate refunds.

An app like Free Trust Badge or Ultimate Trust Badges makes it easy to add trust symbols to your thank you page in Shopify.

Final Thoughts

Your Shopify thank you page is more than just an order confirmation page. It's an opportunity to grab your customers' email addresses, engage them on social media, upsell them, and increase sales.

With some customization and the right Shopify apps, you can customize your thank you page to make it a place that encourages buyers to take further action, like buying other products.

Disclosure: When you purchase a service or a product through our links, we sometimes earn a commission, without any extra cost to you.

Alice Pham

Writer and Blogger about Technology and Marketing. I also share my knowledge of Shopify, WordPress, and WooCommerce. Contact me via email: thuyphuong082@gmail.com or alicepham8295@gmail.com

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