Top 15 Best Shopify Wholesale Apps in 2024

Dec 17, 2023

As a busy businessperson managing your eCommerce enterprise, going into the Shopify app wholesale to better your Shopify store may be time-consuming. We've taken the decision to perform the groundwork for you in order to lighten your burden.

These apps are intended to increase your average order value by providing discounts to wholesale customers, so reducing the need for a separate store.

We handpicked the best wholesale applications by carefully evaluating app store ratings, review volume, notable features, and other relevant considerations. To make your research process easier, we've produced a list of the 15+ Best Shopify wholesale apps to enhance revenue that may help you capture the hearts of your clients and increase your sales.

What is Shopify Wholesale App?

Shopify wholesale apps make it easier to offer wholesale prices to certain clients without having to develop separate retail and wholesale storefronts. Controlling two distinct stores can be difficult, costly and time-consuming.

You may simplify the process by using Shopify wholesale apps. Clients can browse your online shop, access wholesale pricing choices, and make purchases without needing to visit a physical store. These applications help you manage retail and wholesale price from an individual Shopify store.

Benefits of Selling Wholesale on Shopify

Using Shopify for wholesale provides various benefits that can help your business:

Market Expansion and Sales Growth

When you sell largely to customers, a large portion of your cash is spent on marketing to expand your brand. By offering wholesale on Shopify, you can significantly boost your brand's online profile and reach a larger audience of potential buyers.

This enhanced market reach leads to more conversions and sales. The wonderful element is that you can do it without spending a fortune on marketing. If you sell wholesale on Shopify, other companies market what you sell and cover the associated costs.

Utilize Existing Brand Customers

Customer acquisition may be an expensive and difficult component of marketing. Building consumer loyalty is as difficult. That is why you should grasp opportunities to tap into another brand's established following.

When you sell wholesale to a well-known brand via Shopify, you may tap into that company's current consumer base.

Reduce Your Risks as You Expand Your Business

Most companies want to improve their revenue and profits. Entering new markets is one approach to attain growth. While this concept has promise, it also involves significant hazards.

Establishing warehouses, advertising to a various consumer demography, developing a supply chain, and tackling other logistical issues are all part of expanding into new markets. Selling wholesale on Shopify to a merchant with a presence and an operating supply chain in the new market, on the other hand, can be quite beneficial.

You can greatly lessen the risks associated with extending your firm into unfamiliar territory by utilizing their current presence and supply network in the new market.

Safe and Dependable

Shopify is one of the most secure and trustworthy platforms for wholesale sales. Shopify secures your wholesale shops by requiring passwords for access. Furthermore, all Shopify websites have SSL certification, which strengthens data security.

Additionally, Shopify wholesale channels retain L1 PCI certification, ensuring the highest level of protection for customer data such as phone numbers, payment information, shipping and invoicing addresses.

Effective Administration

Selling wholesale on Shopify optimizes store and business administration. With Shopify Wholesale, retailers receive access to the client order page, which simplifies tracking orders. You can simply access crucial orders and transaction details on the client's order page. This streamlines decision-making and improves corporate management.

You may outsource sales tax problems to your wholesale customers as a Shopify wholesale seller. Wholesale selling on Shopify provides a more consistent revenue stream. Wholesale customers place recurrent orders over longer time periods than consumers.

Increased Profit Margins

Using Shopify for wholesale sales allows you to reach larger profit margins. With the huge range of wholesale items and variants, Shopify Wholesale now enables flexible pricing, minimum/maximum quantity requirements, and volume-based pricing.

These capabilities enable you to design price policies to deliberately increase your profit margins. As your company grows, the volume of orders from wholesale customers grows gradually, resulting in larger sales volume and higher profitability.

Top 15 Best Shopify Wholesale Apps in 2024

#1. MagicPass Wholesale

MagicPass Wholesale by Impress is one of the best wholesale apps for Shopify which enables you to protect your Shopify store with a security code or password. This wholesale app allows you to secure particular goods, collections, and pages, and then authorize access by providing secret keys or customer tags.

MagicPass Wholesale enables you to successfully give savings and value breaks to your wholesale clients. You may also offer bulk or percentage discounts. This app's pricing begins at $5 per month.

#2. Adoric Shopify App

Adoric Shopify App assists you in selling more products by creating bespoke campaigns that increase conversion rates. These recommendations can be enabled on various pages of your Shopify website. There are several campaigns available, including: home page top sellers, home page frequently seen, bought combined with goods, and collection bestsellers.

You are also able to opt to have your campaigns appear on the home page, category page, product page, or cart page of your Shopify store.

For every 50 retail orders, the cost is $5 per month. In addition, you will receive a 14-day free trial to test the app on your Shopify store.

#3. Wholesale Gorilla

Wholesale Gorilla by Wholesale Gorilla is one of the greatest Shopify wholesale apps. Over 14,000 retailers rely on it because of its simple interface and setup, extensive capabilities, and exceptional customer service.

It aids in the establishment of a wholesale portal on your website, allowing qualified consumers to access wholesale prices within your current company. You can use this software to create bespoke wholesale pricing, customized shipping rates, order limits, product limitations, and quantity-based savings, as well as extensive B2B features to improve the performance of your eCommerce site.

It begins at $39.95 per month and includes a 30-day free trial in addition to a Pro option with more functionality.

#4. Wholesale – All in One

Wholesale - All in One by DigitalCoo is one of the best wholesale apps for Shopify  on our list. This amazing app allows you to generate discounts, wholesale pricing options, tiered discount offers, and incentives based on consumer tagging.

With Wholesale All in One, you can provide your wholesale customers the choice of checking out with or without promotional coupons. It also enables your consumers to pay in other currencies. Following a 14-day trial period, pricing begins at $14.99 per month.

#5. B2B/Wholesale Solution

The B2B/Wholesale Solution from BSS Commerce is one of the top wholesale applications for Shopify because of its seamless approach to catering to B2B customers, delivering a streamlined experience. Provide a positive client experience by giving customized and discounted prices on certain products based on user preferences.

To effectively modify discounts, create a variety of discount classes by creating number and amount constraints. Create tax laws and tiered reductions to meet individual client needs, increasing the shopping experience.

With price plans ranging from $25 to $100 per month, you can easily select the best alternatives for your business.

#6. Plerdy – Heatmap, Replay, & SEO

Plerdy is a Shopify App that provides a range of robust analytical analytics to help you enhance your online store.

It contains capabilities like heatmap monitoring of clicks, cursor motions, and scroll depth, as well as session replay to see what every client does on your store. It also includes popup surveys to gather emails, improve sales, and exit intent, as well as SEO analysis of titles, explanations, keywords, and Google Search Console.

There is also an eCommerce tracking capability to discover the link between user activity and sales. Plerdy has a 14-day free trial,  The pricing plan begins from $29/month to $99/month. Each plan has varying daily limits on page views, session reruns, visible popup forms, and audits for SEO. Plerdy also offers a free plan with restricted features.

#7. Wholesale Order Form & ReOrder

Wholesale Order Form & Reorder is also created by Wholesale Helper, the creators of Wholesale Pricing Discount. This software makes it simple for you to allow your wholesale clients to order or repurchase from your Shopify store. 

You can offer your goods on a single-page purchase form for your wholesale clients and have them reorder in only two clicks. You may easily alter the interface of this app. The application offers an 8-day free trial with monthly pricing beginning at $12.99.

#8. Wholesale Pricing Discount B2B

Wholesale Pricing Discounts B2B may save you a lot of time and effort in providing a tiered pricing scheme for your customers. Using Wholesale Pricing Discount, you can provide distinct customer groups with discounted pricing alternatives. You can also provide discounts on specific product categories or even your entire business.

With the Wholesale Pricing Discount software, there is no limitation to the number of discounts you can provide. It lets you to create minimum order amounts, set up sophisticated shipping rates, and allow clients to order in bulk. It provides a 14-day free trial and pricing starts at $19.99 per month.

#9. Wholesale Lock Manager

Wholesale Lock Manager (WLM) allows you to handle both your retail and wholesale operations from a single online store, saving you time and money. This tool allows you to control which consumers have access to particular areas of your store. You can use simple locks to conceal goods, collections, costs, particular web addresses, or even the whole storefront. 

You have control over who has access to your secure pages. It also distinguishes between wholesale and retail consumers in your Shopify business. This allows you to conduct your wholesale and retail businesses from the same location. Pricing begins at $6.99 per month and includes an 8-day free trial.

 #10. Bold Custom Pricing: Wholesale

Bold Custom Pricing: Wholesale is an application that makes it simple to design a tiered price system for your customers. You may simply tag your wholesale customers and apply your tiered pricing system to them. It contains an auto-tagging feature that allows you to easily alter a customer's membership level as their order value grows.

With this software, you don't have to create many coupon codes to offer discounts to your consumers. This app's cost starts at $29.99 a month during a 14-day trial period.

#11. Wholesale Pricing Now WOD

Wholesale Pricing Now WOD, provided by Website On-Demand, deserves a spot on the short list of top Shopify wholesale apps due to its specific wholesale pricing capabilities. It enables you to offer goods to B2B customers without the requirement for a separate wholesale storefront.

You may easily configure prices for clients based on variations of a product, all without the burden of complex coding or web development. It also works with AJAX carts, so you are unable to utilize discount codes. Pricing begins at $14.95 per month and includes a 14-day trial period.

 #12. EasyLockdown ‑ Wholesale Locks

EasyLockdown is a comprehensive access management solution that is applicable to all Shopify stores, making it another crucial security application for Shopify wholesale sellers. Utilizing various customer data combinations, this software enables retailers to manage the visibility of certain information and impose more detailed access regulations.

You can approve access based on certain client criteria, such as the number of orders completed or the total amount paid, or you can improve access controls by using numerous customer data combinations. The Premium package is $9/month.

#13. Dropship Easily - Wholesale2B

Dropship Easily is one of the effective wholesale apps which enables you to import your stock and sell it wholesale. It offers real-time inventory updates as well as tracking capabilities. A number of Shopify dropshipping vendors utilize this app.

Dropship Easily provides a 7-day free trial period before charging $29.99 per month for its paid version.

 #14. B2B Wholesale Club

B2B Wholesale Club by Orbit is regarded as one of the best Shopify wholesale pricing apps since it provides excellent pricing solutions for B2B enterprises. It eliminates the requirement for a second Shopify store.

You may tag your B2B customers to provide them access to wholesale pricing features such as net payment periods, quick order forms, customized pricing, minimum purchase requirements, bulk discounts, quantity cracks, and product visibility. It instantly provides all of the necessary capabilities for running a wholesale business. With price plans ranging from $39 to $99 per month, you can easily select the best alternatives for your company.

#15. Wholesale Bear ‑ Bulk Discount

Wholesale Bear - Bulk Discount by Conversion Bear is one of the top Shopify applications for wholesale because of its wholesale pricing features that are based on client tags. Use this Shopify application for wholesale pricing to divide clients into various categories. Its simple installation choices allow you to use the integrated analytics dashboard to track revenue and participation as a result of your wholesale pricing plan.

You can design bespoke price lists for specific B2B customers, such as distributors and dealers, and define obligatory minimum category quantities or numerous for tiered pricing. Whole Sale Bear costs $34.99/month.

Shopify Wholesale Apps - FAQs

Which Shopify plans provide wholesale?

The B2B capability is only accessible with the Plus Shopify plans and requires no further configuration. It also does not necessitate the installation of any third-party apps. The online store can take orders from DTC (direct to customer) and B2B (business to business) clients with this feature.

What exactly is wholesale strategy?

A wholesale approach is a business model in which a business sells its products to merchants who resale them to the general public. This method is selling large quantities of items at a discount to retailers and wholesalers, who then mark them up and offer them to clients.

Is it possible to create a wholesale area on Shopify?

You can build B2B entities from your present wholesale clients by using the bulk setup tool accessible in the Customers section of your Shopify admin. This tool allows you to select up to 250 wholesale clients at once or in smaller quantities if you want.


Choosing the best Shopify wholesale apps for your web store might be challenging. To save both money and time, it's a good idea to do some research upfront before testing out several apps to determine which one suits you the best.

In light of that, we hope that this list of the top 15 Shopify wholesale apps for 2023 has helped you make some decisions. You will get amazing results with whatever app you select for your Shopify store!

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