Top Reasons Why Online Shoppers Abandon Carts and How to solve it?

Aug 30, 2021

Leaky funnels! They seem to be the major reason why eCommerce stores struggle with abandoned carts. Shopping cart abandonment happens when a potential customer adds something to the online cart and leaves before purchasing.

When a marketer thinks about all the ads, marketing, and a thought-out copy, they will surely get the shopper’s point. Losing a sale at the last stage is incredibly frustrating when compared to the lost sales at an early stage.

As it turns out high in every eCommerce site, it is what huge shoppers deal with. There are many eCommerce store owners who have failed to look at the abandonment rate and have lost track. Do not be one on the list!

Now, it is time to deal with the reasons why the shoppers ought to abandon their carts. Do not worry! We had made this article extra informative with the solution to solve the abandoned cart rate in your store.

Let us get started.

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Why is it important to reduce shopping cart abandonment in your eCommerce store?

Shopping cart abandonment comes under one of the most crucial problems of the eCommerce industry. When you fail to notice the cart abandonment problem in your store, it may lead to a huge loss to your eCommerce store. Why not mitigate against cart abandonment entirely?

Some people will inevitably abandon their carts before proceeding with the purchase. According to a 2020 survey of Baymard Research, 50 percent of people surveyed abandon their carts due to extra shipping costs that lead to abandonment. Adding value to the previous point, here comes another statistic.

According to Invesp data, failing to offer a guest checkout option is one of the most leading ways to the increased cart abandonment rate. Make sure you are offering the right options to your eCommerce customers in order to avoid further chaos.

Many reasons come along with the shoppers when they abandon their carts. 21 percent of the shoppers abandon their carts as they feel the checkout process is too complicated. And, a lot more!!

When you find the right solution for your increased cart abandonment rate, you can come up with an increased conversion rate and curb the abandonment rate.

Let us dive into the most common reasons for shopping cart abandonment and the preferred solution for it.

Top 7 Reasons and apt solutions for increased shopping cart abandonment

Shopping cart abandonment is not a new term for an eCommerce store. Every new and existing store faces the problem of abandoned carts. But, have you ever moved further to know the reasons behind the increased shopping cart abandonment?

If not, do not worry!! We have covered you up with the most happening cart abandonment problems and the reason behind them. Do not forget to look over the solutions to avoid increased cart abandonment.

Forced account creation

You might have come across some eCommerce stores that force their customers to create or register an account in order to proceed with the purchase. Many customers complain that they are facing the same problems in many eCommerce sites.

When your customers are in a hurry to buy a product, the forced account creation may lead to abandonment. Few customers do not wish to share their personal details with an eCommerce store they are unfamiliar with. This falls as the main reason for increased cart abandonment in many stores.

So, when you avoid forced account creation and provide guest accounts to complete the purchase, the shoppers will feel calm.

They may also feel comfortable purchasing with your store which in turn makes them sign in to your store when they are in love with their experience in your store. Try it!!

High product price

Many customers, even me ought to bounce back from the eCommerce store when the product price is higher than we actually expect. So, you may question “whether I have to reduce my price and make it as cheap as possible? No, it is not possible, I understand!

But, how? If this is your question, here comes the solution.

The key strategy here is to increase your sales through discounts and a reward program. Make your customers shop more with the store that helps you to gradually increase your product price without giving a mere shock to them.  At times, you can also offer free shipping to the customers who have been potentially buying products from your store.

Unexpected shipping charges

As discussed above, the unexpected shipping charges may make the customers frown in anger or twist to other eCommerce stores. According to a recent survey by National Retail Federation, 75 percent of customers expect free shipping.

The fact here is most of the customers expect free shipping even if their purchase rate is less than 50 bucks. This survey spots light on the eagerness of the customers who expect free shipping.

Now, here comes an amazing solution for this problem.

Why not include the free shipping costs as a part of your reward program? You can offer free shipping to the customers as a welcome bonus or through thank you or abandoned cart emails. It helps them to make sure that your store is the best option for them irrespective of the other stores.

Mobile-friendly checkout

Every eCommerce store owner knows that many of their customers indulge in purchases using their mobiles. So, the eCommerce store has to be mobile-friendly in order to avoid customers bouncing back from their decision. When there are many changes that ought to be made in your store, why not indulge in changing it.

And, here comes an amazing solution for it.

When you wish to indulge in mobile-friendly checkout, try to increase your site’s loading time and improve UI/UX design. It helps you to make your customers have a fantastic purchase experience in your store through any gadgets.

Offer multiple payment options

Next to the checkout page, the customers ‘ bouncing rate is high on the payment page.  Every customer depends on several payment methods. For example, if your potential customer has changed his/her payment mode to a Credit card from a debit card and you do not provide such a payment option, there are high chances of them bouncing back to the store that provides multiple payment modes.

So, what’s now?

Try to provide two to three payment modes that help your customers have a fulfilled purchase. You can include card payments, cryptocurrencies, and COD modes to make your customers feel at ease to purchase frequently in your store. At times, you can also provide free shipping options which involve the complete happiness of the customers.

Lacking perfect customer support

Every eCommerce store needs an amazing and understandable customer support team in order to clarify the doubts of the customers entering the store. There are cases where a customer used to bounce or avoid the store due to the store’s worst customer support. Do not make it happen in your store?

Come up with a wonderful 24*7 customer experience as a solution for your increased cart abandonment rate. You can provide prior training to the customers in order to give clarity to the customers who wish to know more about your recently launched brand or about your referral program. It is necessary because when the customer finds no clarity in their replies, there are high chances of them to bounce back from your store.

Failing to focus on attractive CTAs

Having attractive CTA phrases in your emails, promotions, ads, and on your website help you to grab the attention of your customers. When you do not have any CTAs in your emails, it is completely a normal email they receive. When it comes to email marketing, the subject lines and the CTAs used are the most triggering element for any conversion.

Now, it is your turn to implement attractive CTA phrases in your website and email copies. It helps you to bring back the attention of your customers. For instance, if you are willing to stop your customer from bouncing back, you can use an exit-intent popup with a catchy CTA phrase. You can indicate discounts or rewards for them in that popup. It greatly helps the customers and triggers them to gain discounts out of it.

If your CTAs include any ambiguous words including Continue, start now, avail now, etc you can gain the attention of the customers without any second thought. If your favorite friendly language is quite consoling, there are high chances for the customers to maintain a long-lasting relationship with your store.


In the nutshell, understanding the reasons behind the increased cart abandonment rate is a skill. It needs a quiet understanding and in-depth analytics about the store. In order to improve the conversion rate, you can indulge in doing AB tests and capture data using analytical tools. On the other hand, you can also implement email marketing for your customers through an email automation plugin.

Facing challenges during your eCommerce checkout is quite common these days. Make yourself ready to combat the problems related to abandoned carts and introduce highly convertible solutions to boost your conversion rate. Cheers!!

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