The Best Amazon Product Review Templates to Get More Feedback

May 10, 2021

You may have noticed Amazon Sellers with similar products to yours (or even identical) but having great seller feedback. Some have 98% or higher positive feedback among more than 10,000 different customer ratings.


Do not be discouraged by trying to achieve the same thing. It can also happen to you with our Amazon product review template.

Your Amazon storefront can generate a lot of income if you pay attention to your feedback rating and try to improve it.

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The Importance of Your Feedback Ratings

Amazon's high review builds trust with potential customers. This score will let the customer know that you are selling good products and can deliver them quickly (if using MFN).


Of course, some customers will simply pick the first seller they meet on Amazon without researching their history or feedback.

But many Amazon buyers take seller feedback very seriously. These are the types of buyers who also love to leave comments and feedback.


Amazon Requirements for Request Feedback


Amazon allows you to request reviews from customers. However, you must use an approved method. So, how do you ask buyers to leave feedback on Amazon? Just follow one of these steps:

  • Send an email message to customers through the Amazon system. In the subject line, insert the heading 'Feedback Request'.
  • Print a message on the packing slip to the customer, asking for their feedback. (for non-FBA sellers)

Amazon also allows you to use a template to request feedback. However, they recommended you write your own custom feedback request instead.

Customers who frequently purchase on Amazon do not want to see identical words repeatedly from different sellers. They want to see your customized speeches, demonstrating how much you care about their satisfaction.

May I Provide Free Bonus in Exchange for Review?

No! It is contrary to Amazon's terms of service. When you send an email asking for feedback from a buyer, it cannot contain any set of coupons or free/bonus offers.

However, you can email only the coupons or bonuses without mentioning the reviews. In many cases, customers will appreciate these additional gifts. And they will feel they should leave positive feedback.


Best Amazon Product Review Template

Below are some Amazon feedback templates you can use to request reviews from customers. Choose the best one that you think will attract and convince customers to leave feedback for you.

Note: You should wait at least five days after buyers receive your products before emailing a feedback request to them.

Template for Small Business Owners

If you use Amazon as your own small business or to supplement your income besides a regular storefront, this Amazon product review template is for you.

Customers who know you have a small business will also enjoy this Amazon seller feedback request template.


Your opinion is valuable to us. As a small Amazon business, our seller ratings on Amazon are essential to our continued success. If you could take a moment to leave us a positive review, we would greatly honor that. If any unexpected problems occur during shipping the item, please let us know.

Thank you very much. Also, we are looking forward to doing business with you again soon!

Best regards,


Besides opening stores on Amazon, many of the small retailers also have their own online stores. If you are the same, Ryviu will help you optimize this process for your eCommerce store.

Problem-solving Template

When buyers have any problems with your product, they usually contact you directly first and allow you to fix any issues.

However, sometimes, a customer will go ahead and leave negative feedback as soon as they receive your products. They may not even give you a chance to fix the problems.

With the below Amazon product review template, you can avoid this:


Thank you very much for your most recent order.

We really want to get in touch with you to see if everything is okay with your order.

We desire to make sure you are 100% satisfied with what you get. If you have any concerns or questions, you can send us a message at any time. We ensure we will respond back as soon as possible. We hope you can do this before leaving feedback, as most issues can be resolved pretty quickly.

If you are happy with your order, please take a few moments to leave us some positive feedback. Thank you again.

Best regards,


Suppose you receive a negative comment from a buyer and you are an Amazon FBA seller. In that case, you can send a message to Seller Support and request to remove that comment.


However, you can only do this if the Amazon FBA is causing problems for the buyer. If it is due to you, Seller Support will not remove any negative comments for you.

In that case, you should have the skills to respond to negative comments.

Process Explanation Template

Buyers want the whole feedback process to go smoothly and quickly. You should explain how the feedback process works and how simple it can be.

This Amazon feedback template can help you get more positive feedback:


Thank you for ordering with us. If you want to leave positive feedback for our business, just click 'Your Orders', then select the option 'Leave Seller Feedback'.

Thank you for your time. Also, we are looking forward to doing business with you again soon!

Best regards,


Template Provide Valuable Feedback

Personalizing your Amazon product review template can be an opportunity to receive positive feedback. Honestly asking buyers for even better constructive feedback:


Thank you for your recent order. I hope you are satisfied with [PRODUCT NAME]. If you have some free time, could you please give us some feedback on your buying experience? Did the goods arrive on time? Was it what you imagined it would be?

By providing this feedback, it empowers us to improve. It also tells other buyers what kind of seller we are. If any unexpected problems occur during shipping the item, your feedback will help us resolve them.

Thank you again for your purchase.

Best regards,


Mix It Up

You may have noticed that each Amazon seller feedback request template has its own intended use. But you do not have to stick with just one. Try mixing the above templates to create the best and most personal one.


In such case, you should know some fundamental rules for writing email, which can help you create an Amazon product review template that generates lots of feedback.

Always continue to improve! Focus on buyer feedback and remember to be courteous and kind in the process.

Alice Pham

Writer and Blogger about Technology and Marketing. I also share my knowledge of Shopify, WordPress, and WooCommerce. Contact me via email: or

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