15 Best Small Business Ideas For Teens

Apr 21, 2023

It's feasible to become a successful entrepreneur quickly because of how quickly the world is changing and how many new company opportunities arise every day.

Teens have special advantages when it comes to launching their own businesses, including access to resources, knowledge of technology, and the capacity for risk-taking.

This article will look at 15 best small business ideas for teens that have the potential to make them wealthy. Let's begin!

Can a teen launch their own business?

Business ideas for Teens 1

Teenagers can indeed launch their own businesses. Many teens are having success starting their own enterprises or side hustles because to the entrepreneurial spirit of today's youth.

Teens who want to start their own enterprises and earn money have plenty of options, from starting blogs and online storefronts to offering marketing support to neighborhood businesses.

What factors make a good business for teenagers?

Following are five crucial factors that can contribute to teens' enterprises succeeding:

  • Flexibility: As an adolescent running your own business, you must have flexible hours. Maintaining a balance between work and personal life requires the ability to work around obligations like sports, school, and other responsibilities.
  • Low startup costs: Teens who are just starting out or who are still in school may benefit from finding firms with these characteristics. Low startup expenses also guarantee that the benefits outweigh the dangers of starting a new business.
  • Scalability: Teens who want to gradually increase their revenue should choose scalable company strategies. This can entail selling digital goods online or offering hourly services like tutoring or advising.
  • Technology: For teenagers to compete in the market, they can use technology to boost production and efficiency. Teens may stay competitive and differentiate their enterprises by learning how to leverage existing platforms or develop new ones.
  • Networking: Any business needs relationships, but teens particularly need them. Teenagers can uncover new chances and expand their enterprises through networking with other entrepreneurs, mentors, and potential clients.

How Can Teenagers Start A Small Business?

Depending on the kind of business you select and the age at which you launch it, the answer will vary. If you want to begin a business that has the potential to grow, you'll need to make things a little more formal.

You will undoubtedly need your parents' consent to perform these things if you are under the age of 18. Your ability to sign legal documents and open bank accounts can be restricted, and you might need to start your business with someone who is older than 18 depending on the rules in your area.

Before continuing, ask yourself these questions:

  • What are the rules in my area for someone my age starting and operating a business?
  • How much time can I devote to this business each week?
  • Who will handle my finances and billing?
  • How much money can I invest in my company before I start making a profit?
  • What is my plan of escape?

Here are some useful pointers that will help you establish your firm with a clear vision.

1. Brainstorm ideas

Take note of as many business ideas as you can. Attend lectures and training sessions, do some reading, and do some research. As many ideas as you can and narrow them down to what you think will work for you.

You will feel more satisfaction if you find business ideas that are tied to your interests and passions.

2. Conduct analysis

Find out who your rivals are and whether there is a market for your goods and services. Next, decide who your target market is.

After that, start creating your company's budget. Make a detailed budget that outlines the amount of money you currently have and how much more you need.

3. Execute your plan

For a startup to be successful, you must have all the necessary equipment, personnel, and team members.

To advertise your goods and services, create an expert website and utilize social media.

Your hard work has finally paid off, and the moment has come to launch your business. Initially, invite your neighbors and friends.

You must register your company in order to do business legally as it expands. To ensure that your business runs smoothly, you might also need to choose a good site.

With any business idea, teens can get started more easily through a Shopify store. Shopify has a promotion with only $1/month for the first three months. Don't miss this opportunity!

15 Small Business Ideas For Teenagers In 2023

1.Create and offer print-on-demand items.

Business ideas for Teens 2

Selling reproductions of your artwork online while you're still in school is a terrific method to make money from home if you enjoy drawing or making digital designs.

Teens who are skilled with technology and business can start a straightforward side business using a Shopify store and a print-on-demand tool, which allows you to personalize white label products with your own designs. Numerous products, such as beanies, t-shirts, art prints, and water bottles, can be decorated with your artwork.

Not a creative person? On items intended for sale, anything from slogans to memes can be printed.

2. A Social Media Influencer

Teenagers may develop an audience, promote their distinctive point of view, and produce engaging and motivating material by making use of well-known social media sites.

3. Photography Business

Business ideas for Teens 3

With little capital outlay and basic smartphone skills, teenagers can launch a photography or filmmaking business. Teens can focus on pet photography, events, gatherings, family photos, or creating social media content for nearby businesses, as there are many niches in this line of work.

Create a photography business using your talents, and provide services for events like weddings and baby showers.

You can promote restaurants, shops, and other establishments by using your imagination.

Or you could just photograph your animal pals' pets.

4. Makeup Artist

Business ideas for Teens 4

Success as a makeup artist is possible for anyone who enjoys working with people and has great makeup application abilities.

Start building your portfolio by applying cosmetics for pals at social gatherings like prom. This is a great business to launch as a teen. Startup costs are quite low because the majority of makeup artists work from home or travel to their clients.

Additionally, if you are skilled at applying makeup, you should consider starting a business. Create tutorial films for applying different kinds of makeup and post them on social media. Contact local fashion shows, event planners, and actors for both the little and large screen who could be interested in hiring you as a makeup artist.

5. Graphic Design

Business ideas for Teens 5

A tiny business ideas with a lot of potential is graphic design. Teenagers are capable of producing great pictures that stand out from the competition with the correct tools and materials.

It provides a chance to practice design abilities, explore creativity, and make additional money all at once.

6. Cake Maker

Business ideas for Teens 6

One of the many business opportunities for teenagers is cake baking or any other food-related enterprise.

In your spare time, you might want to consider beginning your own cake-making business if you enjoy baking, cooking, and decorating cakes.

7. Delivery Service Business

Business ideas for Teens 7

Teenagers can offer convenience to the public—from pizza to groceries—while making money.

They can learn outstanding customer service techniques, maintain their physical fitness, and generate money all at once by doing this.

8. Pet Care Service

Business ideas for Teens 8

Teens might capitalize on the fact that people detest cleaning up after their pets by providing pet cleanup services. They may start making money right now with just a few tools and some perseverance.

9. Sell Handmade goods

Business ideas for Teens 9

If you are talented and adept at making DIY handcrafted items, such as jewelry, invitations, decorations, stickers, soap, candles, or other accessories, get started and offer your crafts through internet marketplaces. Many teenagers are interested in selling their woodworking creations to launch their professions. To sell your goods online, create a website or a social media page.

Additionally, they can also be sold at local craft festivals.

10. Design websites and online stores

Business ideas for Teens 10

Starting a web design business from your bedroom is possible if you are an expert in digital art or code. Teens who are adept with technology can provide skills to assist design websites from scratch, make logos and flyers, or bring local companies online by setting up ecommerce stores.

11. Academic tutor

Business ideas for Teens 11

By charging a fair fee, teens who excel in a particular area can offer their expertise as an online tutor, an essay writer for hire, or another expert to coach younger students. Online service provision is another option. In order to get started, all you need is a strong internet connection.

12. Art Lesson or Music Lesson

Business ideas for Teens 12

You're talented in music or painting. Consider passing along some of those abilities to others. You have the option of giving private, in-person courses or using an online store to market DIY kits, templates, or online classes. You can also sell appointments for in-person services through your online business.

Develop your teaching career through word-of-mouth marketing and consumer referrals, and request online reviews from your pupils and their parents.

13. Become an online creator or blogger (and sell merch)

Business ideas for Teens 13

Create your online network by blogging, broadcasting live, or publishing material on websites like YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, or TikTok. You may try making DIY videos, gaming tips, or beauty instructions, and you might eventually be able to monetize your channel. By selling promoted posts to brands you adore, online producers (or social media influencers) can make extra money. Create a business out of your personal brand once you've gained a following and start selling merchandise.

14. Develop an online game or app

Business ideas for Teens 14

By developing an online game or software, teenagers can launch their own enterprises. Teenagers can produce something that is appealing to others and offers a pleasant method to make money if they have a little technical know-how and imagination.

15. Housecleaning

Business ideas for Teens 15

Any young person who has been helping out around the house is probably already familiar with all the skills required to launch a housecleaning business. Homes in the area probably have residents who are willing to pay a youngster to vacuum, mop, and dust their residences.

Business Ideas For Teens: FAQ

What business should I start at 12?

Kids may launch a service business that offers easy errands, lawn care, leaf raking, snow removal, and other services. By visiting neighbors and requesting referrals, kids can create flyers and locate customers. Alternately, with parental assistance, kids can create a straightforward Shopify store to sell time slots through a scheduling app.

What kind of little business can I start?

Best Small Business Ideas:

  • Design and sell print-on-demand products
  • Social Media Influencer
  • Photography Business
  • Makeup Artist
  • Graphic Design
  • Cake Maker
  • Delivery Service Business
  • Pet Cleanup Service
  • Sell Handmade goods
  • Design websites and online stores


Starting your own business could be the solution if you are a motivated kid with an entrepreneurial spirit or if you simply want to make some additional money on your own time.

Regardless of your age, you can start a variety of enterprises today, and in some situations, your youth will really be to your advantage. It doesn't matter what kind of business you want to start; the sooner you start, the better; and the sooner you fail, the sooner you can learn from it and succeed.

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