How to Connect High Level to Shopify API?

Dec 11, 2023

Shopify gets recognition for providing a comprehensive set of tools and capabilities for launching and maximizing any eCommerce store. Shopify's built-in features have made developing, selling, and marketing smoother. Some eCommerce owners may require additional assistance with their sales and market activities, such as maintaining leads and deal closure. With a platform like High Level, you can boost your marketing and sales efforts on Shopify. You may be asking how to link HighLevel to Shopify API if you use both HighLevel and Shopify. This can result in more streamlined operations and more productivity for your online business. In this comprehensive tutorial, we'll demonstrate How to Connect High Level to Shopify API?

What is Shopify Storefront?

To comprehend the importance of integrating HighLevel into the Shopify API, first understand what a Shopify storefront is. The Shopify storefront is the part of an online store that is visible to customers. It includes the elements of design, layout, items, and user experience with which your customers engage while shopping. Shopify offers a variety of configurable themes and features to users, allowing businesses to construct distinctive and engaging digital shops.

What is HighLevel?

HighLevel is a marketing data analytics platform in the cloud that assists sales and advertising companies in scheduling meetings, processing payments, developing websites, and creating campaigns. It includes unified messaging, outbound contacting, artificial intelligence (AI), handling reputation, machine learning (ML), webhooks, and GDPR compliance among other features.

HighLevel assists sales professionals in the creation of follow-up campaigns, the capturing of client reactions, the management of two-way communication, and the collection of sales leads from various sources. Advertisers can use it to manage user memberships, create online courses, manage customer accounts, monitor bookings, organize lead workflows, create sales reports, and manage SMS marketing operations.

Marketers may use the centralized dashboard to create landing pages, questionnaires, customizable menus, and sales funnels all on one platform. HighLevel supports connection with a variety of third-party services, including Stripe, Zapier, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Google Advertising, QuickBooks, Shopify, Zoom, and others. The system also includes mobile apps for Android and iOS devices, allowing agencies to streamline consumer communication via calls, emails, text messages, and forced calls.

What Are The Benefits of Installing High Level?

High Level has quickly gained traction as one of the most sought-after platforms for firms focused on automating their promotional activities, sales, and customer relationship operations. The platform's distinctive set of tools and features appeals to both businesses and individual entrepreneurs. Before discovering how to connect high level to Shopify API, recognizing its benefits might help you make an informed decision. Here's a breakdown of the benefits of installing High Level:

Unified Platform

One of the key advantages of High Level is its all-in-one nature. CRM functions, sales funnels, automation, marketing via email, and SMS campaigns are all integrated under one roof, reducing the need for many disparate solutions.

Intuitive Automating

High Level excels at automation. Whether you want to send out drip email campaigns, automated replies based on client activities, or set up special triggers, the platform provides a simple solution to do so with minimal effort.

Improved Lead Management

The platform's CRM enables efficient lead monitoring, allowing you to efficiently nurture new customers through the sales pipeline. Businesses may adapt their outreach and improve conversion rates by offering a comprehensive overview of each lead's state and history.

Built-in Communication Options

High Level has a variety of communication tools, such as SMS marketing, audio broadcasts, as well as email campaigns. This ensures that you may communicate with your audience across their favorite means of interaction methods, increasing engagement and response rates.

Robust Analytics

To make data-driven selections, companies require insights into their operations. High Level includes comprehensive analytics and reporting options that provide an understandable overview of campaign performance, consumer behavior, and sales KPIs.

Seamless Integrations

While this article focuses on how to connect High Level to Shopify API, it's worth mentioning that High Level also supports integrations with other platforms. This ensures that enterprises' existing tools may be effortlessly integrated with High Level, improving operational efficiency.

Customizable Sales Funnels

In today's competitive world, tailoring the client experience is critical. The drag-and-drop funnel builder in High Level enables organizations to construct custom funnels that correspond with their sales and marketing strategy.

Membership Sites and Webinar Features

Knowing how to connect High Level to Shopify API to build up and administer membership sites for organizations that offer courses, webinars, or any other type of gated material. This is especially useful for entrepreneurs and educators trying to commercialize their information.

Responsive Support

High Level takes pride in its community and support. Whether you're having technical problems or looking for best practices advice, the assistance team and community forums are fantastic tools.


Whether you're an individual entrepreneur or an established company, High Level has plans and features to suit your needs. This means that as your company expands, High Level may change and scale with it.

The benefits of installing High Level are manifold. By providing a unified platform packed with features, it simplifies operations, enhances customer engagement, and empowers businesses to achieve their marketing and sales objectives with precision and efficiency. Whether you’re just starting or looking to optimize your existing processes, Learning how to connect high level to Shopify API is worth considering.

How to Connect High Level to Shopify API?

Here's how to connect High Level to Shopify API:

Step 1: Click on App on your main Shopify webpage. Navigate to "Apps and sales channel settings."

Step 2: Go to the Apps and Sales Channels tab and select "Develop Apps."

Step 3: After that, select "Create an app."

A window will appear where you can enter the name of the program. It may be called "High Level."

Step 4: Click on "Configure Admin API scopes." This gives you the ability to personalize the app.

Step 5: To get the High Level app to work effectively, you must check two boxes. 

In the Orders section, choose "read_orders.

Go down to the Products page and click "read_products." Then, select Save to save your changes.

Step 6: Click Install App, then locate the Admin API Access Token under the API Credentials Section. To gain access, click the "Reveal Token Once" button. 

Copy the "Admin API access token" by selecting the clipboard icon or highlighting it all and pressing control+c or command+c on your computer.  Keep a copy of this password since you'll need it in the following stage.

Step 7: Return to your CRM system and go to Settings > Integrations. Under Shopify, click the "Connect" button.

Enter the previously copied password into the popup window and enter the name of your Shopify App. To finish the integration, press the "Connect" button.

FAQs about How to High Level to Shopify API

Is an API integration available for Shopify?

The Shopify API is an effective instrument that allows you to provide enhanced solutions to your Shopify customers. Learn how to utilize the Shopify API wisely and efficiently with articles that emphasize essential suggestions and actionable recommendations.

What could you do with the Shopify API?

The Admin API allows you to create apps and integrations that expand and improve the Shopify admin. Some newer platform functions may only be accessible via GraphQL.

Is Shopify compatible with High Level?

Integrate Shopify with HighLevel in minutes so you can view real-time data from anywhere you are browsing and do operations like creating invoices without switching apps.

Is there any additional expense to combining High Level with Shopify?

Both High Level and Shopify can require subscription fees, however, the integration itself is usually free of charge. However, always check the pricing details of both sites to ensure you are aware of any potential costs.

What exactly is High Level, and why should consider integrating it with Shopify?

HighLevel is a sophisticated advertising automation and CRM platform noted for its ability to optimize marketing operations, streamline customer management, and give data-driven insights. By connecting HighLevel with Shopify, you can improve your e-commerce business by providing tailored marketing campaigns, real-time analytics, and effective management of customer relationships.

Can Shopify integration be set up for many storefronts?

Shopify allows you to build up to ten stores on a single account, each with its own domain name, items, settings, and everything else. Having various stores is beneficial for entrepreneurs and businesses that provide different products to diverse target markets.


Knowing how to connect High Level to Shopify API will expand your eCommerce business's potential. This integration enables you to streamline processes and improve customer experiences with automated advertising strategies and data-driven insights.

Maintain your business goals and customer-focused strategy in mind as you engage in this integration journey. You'll be well-equipped to prosper in the aggressive world of eCommerce with HighLevel and Shopify working in tandem.

Investigate the potential of this integration, and watch your online business thrive as you provide exceptional client experiences and drive development.

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