Top 7 Best Shopify Countdown Timer Apps (2022)

Apr 20, 2022

As a Shopify store owner, you definitely want your business to be as thriving as possible. A countdown timer can help you achieve the goal. It can dramatically improve your conversions and sales by leveraging scarcity.

To ensure you find the best Shopify countdown timer apps for your online store, I've reviewed many apps and checked out their features thoroughly. Below is our ultimate list. However, let's discuss some essential knowledge first.

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What's Scarcity? How Does It Drive Sales?

In particular, scarcity is crucial to driving your conversions and overall sales. A sense of urgency in the form of a simple timer can motivate potential customers to buy a product immediately due to fear of missing out (FOMO) on something important.

For example, many people constantly check and revisit their email or social media pages to ensure that they don't miss any intriguing social interactions.

How Can Countdown Timers Benefit Your Shopify Store?

Most people's response to scarcity is to act quickly, making Shopify countdown timers an invaluable tool for your online store. It's better than text like "limited time offer" scattered all over your Shopify landing page as it looks more intimidating.

A study showed that FOMO is most effective among millennials. Strategy Online states that 60% of millennials make a reactive purchase out of FOMO.

Other data also showed that more than half of social media users have FOMO. In conclusion, FOMO is very effective in increasing your conversion rate and sales.

Top 7 Best Countdown Timer Apps for Shopify in 2022

Countdown Timer Bar

  • Price: from $8.25/month (free plan available)
  • Rating: 4.9/5 (970 reviews)

Countdown Timer Bar is a Shopify app that allows you to add urgency messages to encourage customers to buy directly. Otherwise, they'll miss something important.

This app has some helpful features to assist you with creating urgency in your marketing message within just a few minutes.

First, it's effortless to install and set up. You can install this app and start setting up a Shopify countdown timer with just one click.

Secondly, this app provides a variety of countdown timer types, such as generic, periodic, daily, weekly, and visitor session-based countdowns.

Finally, you can customize the messages easily. For example, you can add an emoji, decide where it should be on the page, etc.

Count Down Timer | Urgency Bar

  • Price: from $4.94/month (free plan available)
  • Rating: 4.5/5 (693 reviews)

Just like the previous one, this is a countdown timer app for Shopify that helps you boost your sales.

You can create a Shopify countdown timer fast with some of its features. First, you can choose to show the year, date, hour, and minute remaining of a special deal or discount.

As a result, a sense of urgency will be created to encourage customers to act directly. Otherwise, they'll miss it.

Besides, the app can also count down to any desired future date to generate excitement for an upcoming event, such as a new collection launch, end-of-season sale, and more.

Thirdly, you can add custom text and call-to-actions to the timer to provide Shopify coupon/discount codes or direct customers to your landing page.

Finally, you can use custom colors, backgrounds, fonts, and animations to design your own countdown timer.

Sales Countdown Timer Bar 2.0

  • Price: from $7.16/month (free plan available)
  • Rating: 4.5/5 (555 reviews)

This is a Shopify app that gives store owners countdown timers to speed up customers' purchasing decisions.

With various settings, you can create some unique countdown timers for the homepage, specific collections, and products.

In addition, the app provides various customization options to edit countdown timers' size, color, font, background, etc., to perfectly match the look and feel of your Shopify store.

Thirdly, this app is effortless to use, with only four steps total to install the timer on your website.

Last but not least, the company has super-fast customer support, with an average response time of only about 42 seconds.

Ultimate Scarcity Pro

  • Price: from $8.99/month (free plan available)
  • Rating: 4.3/5 (323 reviews)

Ultimate Scarcity Pro is an app that helps you increase sales by driving customers to purchase faster with countdown timers, social proofs, and sales pop-ups.

This app provides a variety of pre-made templates and styles for you to create and customize the look and feel of the countdown timers to perfectly match your Shopify store while also capturing the customers' attention.

In addition, you can also choose a discount code and set a timeframe to display it in front of your customers to create a sense of urgency. As a result, they tend to purchase faster, which increases conversion rates and drives sales.

You can also display the total number of visitors to your Shopify store and the total number of items sold. Therefore, your customers have more reasons to buy your products and thus, increase customer engagement.

Hurrify ‑ Countdown Timer

  • Price: $6.99/month (2-day free trial)
  • Rating: 4.3/5 (212 reviews)

Hurrify - Countdown Timer is a powerful, effective, and instant sales booster. It has some valuable features that can help you significantly increase your conversions.

Firstly, the text above the countdown timers is fully customizable to fit your Shopify store perfectly. You can pick a custom pre-included sentence or enter your own custom one. In addition, you can control the font style, color, boldness, etc.

Or, instead of plain custom text, you can show a progress bar with the number of items sold. With each product sold, the urgency is heightened to encourage your customers to make purchasing decisions faster.

On top of that, this app has the best support team that will respond quickly and resolve all your issues within hours.

Sales Countdown Timer by TS

  • Price: $5.92/month (5-day free trial)
  • Rating: 4.8/5 (77 reviews)

TechSimple has developed this Sales Countdown Timer app that helps boost sales by creating urgency.

By displaying a Shopify countdown timer to show that the time is running out every second, the sales of some of your best-selling products can be significantly increased, especially on holidays.

In addition, this app has a clean interface. Therefore, you can quickly customize the countdown timers with various options.

Finally, this app can function stably on both large and small Shopify stores and works perfectly on mobile screens.

SMART Scarcity Countdown Timer

  • Price: Free
  • Rating: 4.7/5 (58 reviews)

SMART Scarcity Countdown Timer developed by Skup can boost your sales and revenue instantly and improves your conversion rate. Not like the others, this is an entirely free Shopify countdown timer app.

With this app, all you need to do is choose a countdown timer type, the color, and products/collections. Then, you can sit down and enjoy the revenue from your visitors.

Plus, the app lets you mass-create countdown timers for different products and entire collections, saving you hours of work.

In addition, it just takes a few minutes to install the app, set up your first countdown timers, and pick an end date.

Finally, it offers various templates that are suitable for any business. If you have any problems with the app, you can contact its email support team and ask for help immediately.

Final Words

We know that choosing the right app can be difficult. These are the best Shopify countdown timer apps we found during our research. We really hope we've helped you find out the right one for your Shopify store.

If you know any big names that we've overlooked, feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

Disclosure: When you purchase a service or a product through our links, we sometimes earn a commission, without any extra cost to you.

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