15+ Best Shopify Dawn Theme Examples

Apr 7, 2023

We can witness an improvement in the theme editor board's design with OS 2.0 in several themes, including Dawn.

The Shopify community's most talked-about theme at the moment, Dawn, claimed to be a flawless benchmark theme, especially in terms of the theme architecture and more flexible modification options. It brings together upgrading features to go along with the release of online store 2.0.

Dawn seems like a wonderful name for a new internet platform generation, don't you think?

Here are some of the best websites examples made with the Shofify Dawn theme.

Irresistible Me

Category: Beauty & Fitness

For the purpose of selling clip-in and tape-in hair extensions, Irresistible Me has made a fantastic store with the Dawn theme. Only the bold font, vivid photos, and videos are shown.

Bubble Tea Club

Category: Food & Drink/ Coffee & Tea

In addition to offering DIY bubble tea recipes, Bubble Tea Club also sells bubble tea. Their store design, which was made using the Shopify Dawn theme, further demonstrates the distinctiveness of their brand and products.

Tropii Loungewear

Category: Clothing & Accessories

High-quality clothing for men and women is offered by Tropii Loungewear, which was inspired by London's nightlife and urban music. Customers are given a bright and stylish vibe by the store design created using the Shopify Dawn theme.


Category: Accessories / Business equipment & supplies

The ULX provides a variety of high-end leather goods, including MacBook sleeves, desk mats, wallets, duffel bags, and timepieces. It's one of the best instances of a Shopify Dawn theme because of the elegant and fashionable storefront.

MD Complete

Category: Beauty & Fitness / Face & Body Care

MD Complete provides expert skincare solutions for wrinkles, dark spots, firmness, eye puffiness, crepe, acne, and radiance. The store delivers excellent information about the business and its items while being relatively straightforward and compelling.


Category: Home & Garden / Kitchen & Dining

James Ward sells items with animal print on-demand on Jimbobart. James develops creative illustrations for pottery, home goods, clothes, and artwork that are inspired by his love of drawing animals and birds.

Bookish Santa

Category: Books & Literature

For readers of all reading preferences, Bookish Santa is an online bookstore offering both new and old books. The store is themed after the dawn and offers quick access to a variety of book types, including children's books, old books, fiction, non-fiction, and many more.

Rocco & The Fox


Category: Clothing & Accessories

A large selection of stylish, high-quality baby and toddler clothes are available at Rocco & The Fox. The store has a subdued background that gives it a classic and chic appearance.


Category: Food & Drink

In various parts of India, SweeDesi offers a large selection of well-known Indian snacks and sweets. The storefront is tidy and vibrant, reminding customers of the quality and authenticity of their food offerings.

The Cooking Guild

Category: Home & Garden / Kitchen & Dining

A fantastic selection of custom kitchen knives and hand-forged cooking blades is available from The Cooking Guild. Using the Dawn theme, they created a dependable shop that elevates their brand and goods.

Wood Wood Toys

Category: Toys & Hobbies

Wooden, educational, and Montessori toys for babies and kids can be found in the online toy store Wood Wood Toys. They have built a Shopify store that will undoubtedly impress anyone who visits their website.

Bento & co

Category: Food & Drink

A food online retailer by the name of Bento & Co, specializes in shipping bento boxes and accessories, which are Japanese takeout meals delivered in boxes.

Olivine Atelier

Category: Beauty & Fitness

Handmade cosmetics and perfumes are offered for sale by Olivine Atelier. The store design is made lovely and flawless for online shoppers, much like the brand name and products are.

Cards For All People

Category: Games

A fantastic online retailer for fans of card games is Cards For All People. You can find hip and trendy cards for your casual party games with the help of the super simple navigation.

Pink Tartan

Category: Clothing & Accessories

Pink Tartan has a fantastic selection of expertly made clothing for women all around the world. They have put a lot of effort into using the Shopify Dawn theme to make their store appear trustworthy and professional.

Kristi Tullus

Category: Toys & Hobbies / Arts & Crafts

Kristi Tullus is a specially created online toy shop with a Dawn motif. Together with selling crocheted toys, the shop owner offers crochet tutorials to customers. When you first enter the site, you can't help but scroll down because the store is designed to be straightforward but effective.

Above are the best examples of sites using Shopify Dawn theme. You can also easily create such great online store with Dawn theme if you sign up for Shopify now with the price of just $1/month for the first 3 months.


The Shopify Dawn theme creates a novel editing experience for tech-illiterate business owners to create storefronts from scratch, add multiple theme extensions, and control apps within themes.

This is also a terrific place to start if all you need to do is create an effective online store as examples website in this article.

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