Shopify Jewelry Stores: Everything You Should Know to Get Success

Nov 3, 2022

Recently, countless jewelry stores have sprung up with all kinds and styles of jewelry to suit every style and aesthetic.

In fact, with the recent Covid-19 pandemic, many jewelry stores have switched to online stores instead of physical stores. Instead of making capital more expensive in the long run, traders choose to sell online.

With the rise of eCommerce, it has become increasingly simple to set up a store of your own, especially with Shopify.

Because of the above reasons, Shopify is increasingly becoming the first choice of online business owners. With over 800,000 stores powered by Shopify by 2022, this is definitely one of the best options to start your Shopify jewelry store. And in this article, we will go through what you need to know for a successful Shopify jewelry stores.

Let's start!

Why should jewelry stores grow with an online store on Shopify?

Shopify is an eCommerce platform where hosting provides everything needed to build your online store and sell your products.

If you are considering opening your own online jewelry store, it is certainly a wise move to develop your website based on Shopify. Shopify is a beginner-friendly website builder because it has a wide range of applications.

In addition to being easy to use, you can fully customize your store to your liking with powerful eCommerce tools. Shopify can absolutely help you grow your business and save money.

We will dive into understanding what you need to know to have successful Shopify jewelry stores.

Firstly, let's take a closer look at why Shopify is a great choice for jewelry sellers to set up their online store:

Easy to use

Brand identity plays a very important role in promoting your business in the jewelry trading market. So, Shopify allows you to customize your online store to match your own brand. Besides, Shopify gives all jewelry store owners access to an easy-to-use dashboard that requires no coding knowledge. This platform has changed the way non-business-grade businesses operate online. In addition, this eCommerce platform features high-quality reporting with simple customizations. Finally, Shopify also helps to synchronize inventory and data between the online store and the physical store thanks to the integration through Shopify POS.

Handle Scalability

When opening a jewelry store, you must take into account the possibility of scaling your eCommerce platform. This may lead to bloated shops and a significant financial expenditure for upgrades or migrations. Shopify has the capacity to scale as needed. Shopify is a popular online business platform among renowned jewelry merchants like Budweiser and Sephora. They made significant financial savings because the transaction fees were removed. You can create jewelry stores with Shopify, which can ease your concerns and help you run your business more quickly.

Combining strong features

Because of its adaptable payment choices, speedy shipping, and sophisticated operational dashboards, Shopify is a great choice for retailers. Shopify offers a variety of excellent apps that can help merchants' stores grow. As a way for jewelry companies to enhance customer service and expand functionality, Shopify also permits third-party apps. By enabling you to sell more jewelry, Shopify will help you boost your revenue. With the help of Shopify's robust features, store owners can locate high-caliber solutions that can boost efficiency.

Shopify's apps make it possible for all business operations—including marketing, finances, and operations—to be successful. Users of Shopify can combine their accounts with Quickbooks, Mailchimp, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This enables business owners of jewelry stores to evaluate and estimate their operations and then identify the best fixes to make them better. You may integrate many systems, tools, and data with Shopify as well. Because it links with numerous platforms, Shopify enables jewelry retailers to sell products effortlessly across various sales channels.

Local and international firms favor Shopify as their eCommerce platform of choice. The greatest website for retailers to display their goods and interact with customers is Shopify. They are able to search Shopify's site for the tool they need. Using the Shopify platform, well-known companies like Nestle and Pepsi can manage their online stores.

Reduce Cost

Shopify has enormous resources that can be leveraged to the advantage of its jewelry stores, as well as quick and scalable hosting. With Shopify, you can build a basic website in just 14 days. No credit card is necessary. Shopify has a variety of plans to accommodate various jewelry store kinds. The plan that best meets your needs can then be chosen. Prices for the most important features range from $29 per month to $299.

Users of Shopify can add themes for as little as $200 and integrate apps for as little as $50+ each month. Low-level plans as well as free themes and apps are also offered for novices. Shopify provides free web hosting, round-the-clock security, and regular staff updates. As a result, you may concentrate more on your business.

Several helpful pointers to help your Shopify jewelry stores succeed

You have access to a variety of tools and capabilities through Shopify. Below, we'll determine some practical advice for maximizing Shopify's tools and features.

Select the appropriate Shopify theme

Selecting the ideal Shopify theme for your jewelry company is crucial. The websites of the best Shopify jewelry companies all include some crucial elements, such as a clear layout, different typefaces, high-resolution photos, upselling and cross-selling, reviews, and testimonials that aid in converting customers to pricey things. Make sure the Shopify theme you select fits your spending limit, so you have money left over for marketing.

The feature that sparks urgency

Unlike food, which is required for survival, jewelry is not. You must therefore make your customers feel a feeling of urgency. Therefore, a real-time buying feature is a requirement for your website. This implies that while your consumers are browsing your website, they will always be informed of other customers purchasing their awaiting goods. They will be inspired in some way to purchase the goods before supplies run out. Fortunately, Shopify provides this function on their website for users.

Advisory of Restock

When specific products will be back in stock at their Shopify jewelry business, customers will inquire. They should know that you care about the product, so let them know. Once the item is back in stock, these clients will be informed right away. It's crucial that your virtual shelves are filled with items. By doing this, you will be able to improve revenue while preserving sales prospects. This function is already included in several Shopify themes. Some don't. Shopify's applications like Back in Stock and Now Back in Stock can improve this feature.

Section Reviews from clients

To keep customers, you need to build trust. The best strategies to gain clients' trust are through positive customer reviews and comments. Before making a purchase, customers mainly rely on consumer reviews. Product descriptions are frequently not given adequate consideration. Reviews from previous customers are more credible to consumers than company ads. Customer testimonials and product reviews must be included when you start an online jewelry store. You may write reviews and display badges on your website using the Product Reviews app from Shopify.

Top Shopify Jewelry Stores give you inspiration.

Your desire to create your own Shopify jewelry stores will undoubtedly be stimulated and inspired by the top jewelry companies on the platform. You can learn from some of the top-performing Shopify jewelry stores by working with BSS Commerce. Viewing these Shopify jewelry stores can help us learn some useful advice from their inspiring tales of accomplishment. Through their Shopify jewelry store, social media accounts with first-rate customer assistance, and stunning products, they stay in regular contact with their devoted followers around the world.

King Ice

King Ice is a hip-hop company that sells jewelry and accessories. Leading jewelry brand King Ice creates high-end, premium wearable art. Additionally, it keeps in touch closely with its customers. King Ice works hard to give its customers the greatest purchasing experience possible. Because of its creative concepts, superior goods, and marketing effort that involved the entertainment sector, King Ice is a reputable Shopify jewelry store.

Hip-hop accessories such as silver and gold rings, pendants with chains, and pendants with sparkling chains are available on Shopify. The website for King Ice is bold, hip-hop, and gold. The catchy web design of King Ice's website has made it a hit. This has resulted in additional leads. Their logo is unique, with a lion in the center. The featured collection photographs appear to be from a modern hip-hop music video. They chose to push minimalism, since their target demographic is lured to luxury and plenty. King Ice has over 400k followers on Instagram and an active link to its website.

Customers are concerned about shipping policies when they shop online. King Ice provides up to five domestic delivery options as well as two international shipping options. The terms are also explained clearly. This is an excellent idea for your jewelry store to follow.


Qualo provides elegant, comfy rings that are appealing to everyone. Quallo is a well-known Shopify jewel business that specializes in silicone rings. Active people will appreciate their one-of-a-kind products. Their website is critical to their success. Qualo's website is straightforward and straightforward, featuring bright and bold photographs of their rings. They have the ability to capture the attention of their customers.Their logo is simple in design and features a sporty font. "Active!" is the theme of their website.

Qualo has 217k followers on Instagram. They also provide articles and photographs on a daily basis to keep their audience up to date on new products. Customers can also agree to free domestic shipping on orders of $40 or more. The landing page features a free delivery promotion.


Missoma is a popular Shopify gem business, so it ranks high on this list. Missoma focuses on designing jewelry that complements your everyday look. Missoma also sells one-of-a-kind jewelry fashioned with semi-precious jewels and exquisite motifs that exude elegance.

Missoma's Shopify jewelry store serves as an inspiration for new jewelry businesses. The Missoma website by Shopify is attractive and gives the impression that customers are perusing a magazine. Missoma's design is simple and lovely. Missoma's design is also well-liked on social media.

Customers can choose from a variety of shipping alternatives, regardless of where they live. However, if you live in the United Kingdom, you will have more shipping options, including free shipping.

By Charlotte

Charlotte, Shopify's top jewelry store, impresses customers with its clean design and lack of distracting components. The crew worked tirelessly to ensure that every element was excellent. Charlotte's website is well-organized, making it simple to interpret the content. Charlotte's website is simple to use and draws attention to itself with a bar at the top that advertises free shipping. Using live chat is a wise strategy because 85 percent of chatters become consumers.

Charlotte's website's "Shop Instagram" area can be leveraged to boost sales and output. To see the "Shop Now" button, click on the image. When you hover over the button, it will open a pop-up with the name of the featured item. You may then read the description by clicking on the button. When you are interested in a product, you have two choices: make a purchase or add it to your cart. Charlotte is not just concerned with money, but also with providing excellent service to its consumers. They work hard to deliver the greatest possible purchasing experience.

Paolo Costagli

Paolo Costagli was inspired by an artisan and a trendsetter. They offer handcrafted and refined items. Furthermore, their website features a basic style that showcases all of the magnificence of the products featured. This jewelry company focuses on offering enough information for customers to make an informed decision before purchasing.

Paolo Costagli charges a premium for all of its products. They do, however, provide free shipping and returns on all of their products. Paolo Costagli runs one of the best Shopify jewelry stores with a simple website design. Clear photography of vibrant and vivid jewelry with a sense of sophistication and exclusivity allows the designs to be the center of attention. On Paolo Costagli's website, sophisticated fonts, and logos, as well as modest pop-ups, contribute to reinforcing the brand's exclusivity and sophistication.

How to Make the Best Shopify Jewelry Stores

You may have already noticed the significance of your jewelry website's mobile friendliness and ease of access. We won't go over them again. Here are some additional hints for making the most of your Shopify jewelry store.

  • Make use of welcome bars: You just have a few seconds to persuade website visitors to visit your jewelry store. You must rapidly capture the attention of potential clients. Having welcome bars is a brilliant concept. They are a real attention getter and can perform admirably. With welcome bars, you may share specials, coupon codes, and other promotions. They are made simple to utilize by Shopify. You may direct your visitors to the desired location by using the Quick Announcement Bar and Welcome Header Bar apps.
  • Show real-time purchases: It is commonly known that people react swiftly and impulsively in emergency situations. You want to generate a sense of urgency on your jewelry website in order to entice customers to buy. Yo, Notify, and Recent Sales Notification are Shopify apps that make it simple. These items are placed at the bottom of your jewelry store. This notification displays your clients' real-time purchase history. It encourages customers to buy by following other buyers.
  • Obtain Customer Reviews and Testimonials: If you want your website to be listed among the top Shopify jewelry retailers, trust is essential. Positive client feedback and testimonials are excellent ways to distinguish your website. According to the Spiegel Research Center, 95% of online buyers check reviews before making a purchase. According to Hostingtribunal review statistics, people trust product reviews more than manufacturer descriptions. Don't forget to include testimonials and highlight consumer reviews on product pages.
  • Never leave your virtual shelves unfilled: It is possible that your products are temporarily out of stock. It is not an excuse to lose customers. Finding a route out is simple, but not easy. If an item is out of stock, provide your customers the option of providing their contact information. This allows you to alert your consumers as soon as the product is restocked. This capability may be added to Shopify themes. Is it impossible to include this functionality in the template you select? This is not an issue. These Shopify apps, Now Back in Stock or Back in Stock, are always available to you.
  • Utilize 404 pages: Visitors will ultimately find their way to the 404 pages of your jewelry website. There is a workaround. To direct clients to other areas of Shopify, you can create a 404 page. You can include a link or button that takes visitors to the most popular collection, specific category pages, or a search box.


Shopify is a high-quality eCommerce platform that provides a diverse set of themes as well as all the necessary business tools. Shopify is an excellent platform for Shopify jewelry stores to establish an online presence. This will save them a significant amount of money and time. Shopify is a sophisticated tool that gathers all the information required to run a business. Shopify integrates nicely with other products that can help business owners flourish.

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