Shopify Trust Badges: All you should know

Aug 4, 2022

Online customers cannot touch your products, meet your employees, or visit a physical location. As a result, when they browse your online store, you must build trust differently.

Unfortunately, not all merchants follow this practice. According to data from over 40 studies conducted by Baymard, the average rate of shopping cart abandonment is currently at nearly 70%! In 2020, 18% of US adults said they abandoned an online shopping cart because they didn't trust a website with their credit card information.


That is a significant number of sales lost due to security concerns. But this is where Shopify trust badges come in handy. In this article, we will discuss what is Shopify trust badges, why and where to add trust badges. We also share with you the most essential trust badges you should consider in your Shopify store.

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What are Shopify trust badges?


Trust badges are icons, images, or logos that you can place on your Shopify store to increase visitor trust.

They're most common on checkout pages, where they aim to reassure customers that they can safely complete a purchase. These badges can sometimes communicate a site's security features. In other cases, they simply emphasize a customer-friendly policy or a reliable partner.

Simply put, Shopify trust badges are a quick and easy way to boost visitor confidence. This, in turn, can help to reduce shopping cart abandonment and increase sales.

These trust symbols can be found in all the best Shopify stores. If yours does not, prospective buyers may become concerned.

Which Shopify trust badges are essential for your store?

In reality, most trust badges will help your store's conversions. However, the ones you can use are determined by:

  • Safety features
  • Methods of payment
  • eCommerce associates
  • Policies of the store

Anything you have in place that instills trust in your customers should be prominently displayed.

Here's a quick overview of the most important Shopify trust badges you can include in your store.

#1. Security badge


Many businesses choose to display SSL certification as a security badge on their website. This ensures the security of your website by safeguarding any information exchanged between your customers and your store. Fortunately for Shopify users, it is included with every subscription.

These symbols, however, are subtle, and not everyone is aware of them. As a result, using badges to display this information on the Shopify checkout pages and near 'add to cart' buttons is a good idea.

Aside from SSL certification, security seals from well-known brands like McAfee or Norton can reassure customers that they will have a secure checkout experience.

These badges demonstrate that your store complies with industry security standards. However, in order to obtain one, your website must be scanned for malware, viruses, and other malicious content. Although there are some free options, most stores will most likely have to pay for access to a badge like this.

Alternatively, you can use Shopify's secure badge to highlight the fact that Shopify stores comply with Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards.

#2. Payment badges


Your store most likely accepts payments from well-known and trusted brands like Visa, Mastercard, or PayPal. So why shouldn't your Shopify store capitalize on their goodwill?

Simply displaying the payment methods available to your customers establishes a connection with these well-known brands. This is a great way to build trust among customers with little effort.

If you use a payment provider that supports Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode, you can add an extra layer of security to your customers' payments. As a result, it may be worthwhile to include these badges on your website as well.

Similarly, if you use a well-known shipping partner, you might want to consider including their logo in your checkout process as well.

#3. Third-party Endorsements

Badges from third-party organizations are an excellent way to demonstrate that your company is legitimate and trustworthy.

Perhaps your niche business is a member of an exclusive organization with stringent membership requirements. Perhaps you sell products that are organic or fair trade certified.

Because these memberships frequently require an application process, they also carry credibility. As a result, adding these trust badges to your Shopify store is always a good idea.

Two of the most trusted recommendations are:

  • The Dynamic Seal of the Better Business Bureau: To obtain this, you must meet the BBB's trust standards and pay an accreditation fee.
  • The badge for Google Customer Reviews: To be eligible, you must have at least 100 customer reviews.

#4. Free Shipping & Money-back guarantees


Depending on your store's policies, you can also design your own badges to reassure customers that they have nothing to worry about when shopping with you.

These badges aren't about security features, but they give customers another reason to buy from your store. Consider emphasizing benefits such as money-back guarantees, free returns, free shipping, or 24-hour customer service.

If you have any of these generous policies, you should take full advantage of them.

Where to Put Trust Badges in Your Shopify Store?

It makes no sense to include too many secure checkout or trust badges on your Shopify site if you don't have to. They were intelligently placed on various landing pages. Buyers will have more trust in you if you have a trust seal on your website or landing page after they click. However, because of where they are, their impact may be even greater. Customers are more likely to purchase when the payment trust badge or trust badges are located near critical information. The following are the most common locations to find trust badges or guaranteed safe checkout badges.

The homepage and the landing page

It is where the eCommerce trust badges are displayed. Choose one high-quality trust badge icon that guarantees your money back or the safety of your account to keep your account from becoming too cluttered.

Payment method badges should be placed in the footer or central section of your homepage.

Checkout page

It is where the eCommerce trust badges are displayed. To avoid overflowing your account, select one high-quality trust badge icon that guarantees your money back or the account's safety.

Payment method badges should be placed in the footer or central section of your homepage.

Consider these tips before selecting a payment trust badge or trust badge in Shopify.

Use trust badges from well-known security companies.

Most internet users will be happy to purchase items from websites that display "guaranteed safe checkout" badges because they know that the site appears to be more secure.

For ecommerce sites, using a security badge from one of the major security companies will be extremely beneficial. Even if they are more expensive for your company, they will help you stand out from the crowd.

Unneeded third-party verification

Using larger verification schemes may be costly, but there are still affordable services available. Many well-known companies continue to provide the same secure connections.

Consider how the money you save by using a smaller provider compares to the risks you may face if your users are informed that your website is unsafe.

Show off customer feedback by using trust badges.

If you use social proof on your website, visitors can see what other customers have said about your company.

Paid-for verification schemes are losing favor as genuine customer feedback becomes more important. However, it is also a good idea to use both of them.

Top best Shopify trust badges apps

Below are the best Shopify trust badges apps that can help you increase customer trust, and increase sales and conversion rates for your store.

AVA Trust Badges, Sales Pop‑up

Rating: 5/5 (1034 reviews)

Price: Free


AVA Trust Badges, Sales Pop‑up is a powerful and user-friendly app for anyone looking to increase trust in their website and boost sales quickly. With many ready-to-use templates, the app allows you to display trust badges wherever you want on your site, so all you have to do is select, click, and enjoy.

This app also includes a plethora of other useful features such as a countdown timer, sales pop, live chat, announcement bar, sticky pop-up, and so on.

Free Trust Badge

Rating: 4.9/5 (1483 reviews)

Price: Start from $5.99 per month (free plan available)


Free Trust Badge by Hektor Commerce is an app that displays a set of payment processor badges on your Shopify store. Visitors to your store will feel more assured and confident in the legitimacy of your store, increasing the likelihood that they will make a purchase decision.

This is the simplest way to increase conversion rates because, in e-commerce, a store has less than three seconds to gain the trust of their potential buyers. Furthermore, the badges you choose to display can be fully customized, from font, size, and color, to perfectly match the design of your store.

Trust Hero

Rating: 4.4/5 (726 reviews)

Price: Free


Trust Hero by Booster Apps is intended to help your store gain the trust of more store visitors and thus increase sales. The app helps you become more credible in the eyes of visitors by displaying trust badges on your store. In other words, visitors who have faith in the legitimacy of your store are more likely to become customers because they feel more secure and confident in purchasing your products.

Furthermore, all the badges on display are fully customizable to fit your store's design. Finally, installing the app is very simple, requires no money, time, or web developers, and works immediately after installation.

Shopify Trust Badges: FAQs

How do I get trust badges on Shopify?

To get trust badges on Shopify, you can either use a trust badge app from the Shopify app store or manually edit your theme code. 

Trust badge apps, such as "Trust Badge Master" or "Trust Hero," offer a range of trust badges to choose from and allow customization of their placement on your website. 

If you prefer a more hands-on approach, you can edit your theme code and insert trust badge images or HTML code at desired locations on your product pages or checkout pages.

How do I add trust badges to my product page?

Adding trust badges to your product page on Shopify is relatively simple. You can install a trust badge app from the app store and follow the app's instructions to set it up and configure the badges on your product page.

 Alternatively, if you have coding knowledge or assistance from a developer, you can manually edit your product template code. Locate the section in the code where you want to display the trust badges, such as near the "Add to Cart" button or product description, and insert the HTML or image code for the badges.

What are the badges for Shopify?

Badges for Shopify are visual elements displayed on an online store to build trust and credibility with customers. These badges can include icons or labels indicating secure payment options, customer satisfaction guarantees, free shipping, SSL encryption, or other certifications. The specific badges available for Shopify can vary depending on the apps or services you use. 

However, common examples include SSL badges, payment method logos, trust seals or certifications from reputable organizations, and satisfaction guarantees. These badges help reassure customers about the reliability and security of your online store.

Where do you put trust badges on a website?

Trust badges can be placed in various locations on a website, depending on the design and layout. Common placement options include product pages near the "Add to Cart" button or product price, checkout pages near the payment options. You can also add them at headers or footers for consistent visibility across all pages, sidebars or navigation menus for easy access as customers browse, and other strategic areas where customers may seek reassurance. 

It's important to strike a balance by displaying enough trust badges to inspire confidence without overwhelming the user interface or cluttering the design. Consider placing badges in prominent locations where they can be easily seen and understood by customers.

Conclusion on Shopify Trust Badges

Shopify trust badges can help you retain new visitors to your site. They have also been shown to boost sales and decrease cart abandonment. Furthermore, oversaturating your site with trust badges or guaranteed safe checkout badges is pointless if they are not required. They should be strategically placed on various pages of your website.

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