Shopify Impulse Theme - A Complete Review

Nov 7, 2022

Themes are perceived as the most productive and smoothest method for presenting items to consumers. The Shopify Theme Store contains an abundance of premium themes. Each of them promises to provide customers with an eye-catching display packed with excellent features.

Impulse Theme is one of the most remarkable themes in Shopify store. When making an investment in one, managing and running a store request Shopify Impulse Theme for providing great productivity. This explains why the Impulse theme is common among eCommerce businesses.

What is Shopify Impulse Theme?


Impulse is a professional Shopify theme designed by the extremely skilled Archetype development team. Archetype meticulously examined Fortune 500 shops to determine the greatest qualities businesses required from an online theme to assist them in selling efficiently. This has performed marvelously in supporting them to create a comprehensive and well-received Shopify theme, with 96% favorable feedback through over 600 evaluations.

Major Features of Shopify Impulse Theme

As mentioned before, what is the reason this template becomes acutely marsh-hit? This post will bring up some vivid features of Shopify Impulse Theme.

Mega Menu

Archetype created a stylish display with a dropdown menu that merchants may add layered menu items to the top, but it will still look structured and appealing. The function is remarkable in that you may select to display the massive menu graphics. Due to these benefits, Impulse becomes the best choice for many large-scale enterprises, even Kappa - a famous fashion brand.


Promotions and customizations

Impulse can assist you in creating appealing promotion banners with CTA buttons to boost your promotional strategies. Your greatest deals will be intensively promoted on the header, collection pages, category pages, or as a footer. In addition, all of these layouts are completely customizable, allowing merchants to make them seem exactly as they want. This feature distinguishes Impulse from competitors and is a genuine marketing enhancer.

Setting these marketing tiles in the proper spot on your site and using clever strategies is the best way to bring your product to customers’ attention.


Advanced Collection Filtering

Filters are a bitterly valuable tool. With such a gigantic number of items available, it is acutely inconvenient for clients to select the appropriate product as fast as possible. A helpful filter is the most productive solution to expeditiously handle this problem. With just a few clicks, customers can choose the best products that meet their demands. As a consequence, by adopting this must-have filter, Shopify Impulse Theme became the best available option not only for consumers but also for vendors.

Mobile-friendly design

In this contemporary era, mobile devices are used for almost all transactions and purchases, mobile devices account for more than 70% of retail purchases. Compared to other themes, owing to the Shopify Impulse theme's specialized design for smaller screens, users can experience a truly eye-catching interface on their smartphone. The Impulse brings the benefit that all of its designs and functions are mobile-friendly.




Because of containing numerous heavy videos and images, our store's speed has become a noticeable issue. Recognizing that loading speed is critical in providing a wonderful customer experience, Archetype has ensured that this won't be an issue by optimizing Impulse for speed so that heavier graphics or clips wouldn't slow it down. As a result, despite its features, Impulse is one of the quickest templates in the Shopify Theme shop.

Three built-in styles and color palettes

The Impulse theme includes three built-in outfits:

  • Modern - A Visually Appealing Design

This design attempts to combine traditional design elements with stunning parallax effects and massive call-to-action buttons, among several other things.

  • Clean - A More Minimalist Design

The Clean style focuses on the aesthetic aspects of the item and its collections. It has little of the same huge headers, as well as the abundance of CTA Buttons, gift vouchers, and discount tiles. It attempts to emphasize the item from the homepage.

  • Bold - Amped-up Visuals

In terms of overall design feeling, the Bold Style is practically the opposite of the Modern Style. While the Modern design is more sophisticated in colors, features, and lines, the Bold style catches your attention with moving background videos and spectacular effects, and the darkened wallpaper will always produce a powerful feeling in the consumer’s eyes.

Each style is established with a unique color palette to simplify the process for firms to construct a store that matches their branding. You may also customize any of the styles to integrate your own palettes.

Background videos


If it is extremely necessary to create more depth to your Shopify shop design or any of your pages, you can utilize the Impulse theme to put up background playing videos. This will add an appealing aspect to your shopping site, capturing the visitor's attention right away. This could require a few adjustments to the template code, for which you may contact our Shopify theme modification experts.

Strong focus on visuals

The Impulse theme prioritizes high-quality images and videos, allowing users to customize edge-to-edge hero banners that captivate clients. You could utilize the 3D effect as well as a clip as your hero banner to attract consumers' attention.

What are people's thoughts on the Shopify Impulse Theme?

Because of the conveniences that it provides, such as being a visually stunning theme with several features that may assist in giving your shop a professional presence. It is extremely simple to personalize, which allows you to make it seem as accurate as you desire it to be.

Another argument is because Archetype's support documents are extremely informative and handle both minor and complicated difficulties, which may be hugely advantageous to theme consumers. Many clients also give Archetype's support crew high marks.


Shopify Impulse Theme has turned into a perfect choice for many individuals. The majority of consumers are thrilled and believe that this is a handy shopping method. They are constantly ecstatic and eager to utilize the theme at any opportunity.

What is lacking in the Impulse Theme?

In spite of the fact that Impulse Theme possesses a fabulous and striking arrangement, retailers have to design a support form in case something is not covered by Impulse.

Customization is considered a plus point of this template, but only the homepage, collections, and product pages are directly affected by this. Customization is not possible in other sections of your store, like FAQs and About Us.

Moreover, despite having swift response times, clients cannot always chat live with support members on Archetype because of not having available customer service chat.

The Impulse theme lacks a lot of bells and whistles, which is a drawback. There are no built-in social networking features or email marketing connections. If you're searching for a simple yet sophisticated Shopify theme, nevertheless, this Impulse shouldn't be a deal-breaker.

Shopify Impulse Theme Pricing

Shopify Impulse Theme allows customers to use a free trial of the theme with their own items, brand colors, and customizations. They will be charged a one-time fee of $320 when launching the theme to their store.

Both of these options have a 14-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to preview the theme without obligation. On the whole, the Impulse Theme is exceptional value for money.

Who Should Use the Impulse Theme?

The Impulse theme is an excellent option for anybody seeking to sell products online or set up an online shop. This theme is intended to be utilized with the Shopify template.

Vendors or luxury brands who possess a massive shop or fabulous chain store: they utilize Impulse theme to support their enormous window, assisting in the producing professional and lavish themes.

Small and medium-sized businesses: Because entrepreneurs lack merchandising experience and comprehensive coding knowledge, using a theme is an ideal method for managing and administering the store.

Industries that could benefit from Impulse Shopify Theme include:

  • Boutiques
  • Accessories stores
  • Clothing stores
  • Home products
  • Decorative items stores

Shopify Impulse Theme Store Examples

If you're searching for some inspiration for your Shopify shop, below are some instances of companies that utilize the Impulse theme:

  • Kappa USA: This brand uses the Impulse theme to showcase its items in a well-organized and attractive style.
  • Anaya Home: This is a destination for artisan style as well as a location for health and home decor that adopts the Impulse theme to give its consumers effortless customer satisfaction.
  • The Spruce Eats: This is a food and beverage blog that utilizes the Impulse theme to present its customers with fresh and relevant experiences.
  • Bownet Sports: This sporty brand uses the Impulse theme with the purpose of showing its products in an energetic and striking way.

Shopify Impluse Theme: FAQs

Is Impulse a good Shopify theme?

Impulse is generally considered a high-quality and popular Shopify theme. It offers a modern and stylish design with a range of customization options, making it suitable for various types of online stores. 

However, the "goodness" of a theme depends on your specific needs and preferences. It's always a good idea to explore the features and demo of a theme to see if it aligns with your branding, product presentation, and user experience requirements.

Is Impulse theme Shopify free?

No, Impulse is not a free Shopify theme. It is a premium theme that comes with a price. The cost of the Impulse theme can be found on the Shopify Theme Store or from the theme developer's website.

Is Impulse a Shopify 2.0 theme?

Yes, Impulse is built on Shopify's newer framework called Shopify 2.0. Shopify 2.0 is an updated version of Shopify's platform that offers improved performance, flexibility, and new features for theme development. Impulse takes advantage of these advancements and is designed to work specifically with Shopify 2.0.

Is Impulse a fast theme?

Impulse is known for its performance and speed. While the overall speed of a theme can be influenced by various factors like image optimization, app integrations, and website configuration, Impulse is designed to be optimized for fast loading times. 

However, it's important to note that website speed can also be affected by other elements such as your hosting environment, the number of apps installed, and the size of your product catalog. Regular performance optimization practices should be implemented to ensure optimal site speed regardless of the theme used.

In conclusion

We can't deny that Impulse Theme Shopify is one of the most valuable theme stores for launching an online shop; it's a considerable theme for around $300 with various choices. Magnificent features, affordable pricing, and frequent updates would thoroughly convince users to adopt Impulse. It is an acutely worthy investment.

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