Connective eCommerce: Is it a scam or a way to succeed?

Dec 17, 2022

Connective eCommerce has recently emerged as a new buzzword for the newest novelty. The term "connected eCommerce" refers to a get-rich-quick scheme where "we handle everything for you, you do nothing" which functions similarly to many previous e-commerce frauds in the past.

Businesses engaged in launching an online retail operation may have heard a lot about "connective eCommerce," which makes the claim that it may boost sales without necessitating the hiring of a web designer, maintaining inventory, or spending money on marketing. This article will demonstrate overall connective eCommerce reviews.

What is connective eCommerce?


Connective eCommerce is a strategy that claims to eliminate three potential "risks" associated with online sales: hiring a developer to create your online store or website, handling your own inventory and fulfillment, and offering to pay for PPC or adverts right away.

According to Connective eCommerce, you may completely rely on templated websites to build a highly successful online store without any prior technological knowledge.

Conversely, connected eCommerce promotes you to find reputable suppliers for inventory, fulfillment, and shipping rather than handling your own inventory and accomplishment

Last but not least, it advises that you should completely rely on free means to increase visitors to your store rather than spending money on advertisements and "hoping that sales will come in."

The fundamental idea behind connected eCommerce is that you may launch and expand your online business "fast and effectively" without spending any money. Actually, it thrives on individuals who want to enter the eCommerce industry but are unwilling to invest the time and energy necessary to succeed the right way. Although we would like to think that purchasing online can be made super-simple and risk-free, the reality is that it is difficult and requires a lot of work, just like running any other kind of business. Now, you have already known What is connective eCommerce.

How does connective eCommerce work?

Let's analyze each of the three components of internet business that Connective eCommerce does away with in order to comprehend how it actually works.

Web development


If you have no experience with website design, setting up an eCommerce business could be a headache. Additionally, businesses may first find it pricey to hire a web developer.

By employing tools, instructions, and templates, you may quickly and easily build a successful linked eCommerce website without having to hire a web developer.

We advise you to launch with Shopify, BigCommerce, or WooCommerce. Whichever route you choose, you can get a basic website with everything an online marketplace needs without paying a lot of money.

You might go for $100 or even less, according to certain experts in connected eCommerce, and depend only on yourself.

Inventory management


Maintaining inventories is definitely difficult. Your ability to purchase inventory at a reasonable rate is the secret to achievement. Being new gives you less influence. Furthermore, a large financial commitment is necessary.

You have the option of using connected eCommerce, where you may find dependable suppliers that can distribute your products, rather than keeping inventory and turning your garage into a warehouse.

Now, think about affiliate marketing or dropshipping as a solution. Both are low-risk options that will provide you with firsthand experience and understanding of the various aspects of managing an online business.


You can use cost-free strategies to entice more customers into your store rather than investing money on advertising and keeping your fingers crossed for sales. You don't have to constantly spend money on marketing to test.

Connective eCommerce aims to assist you in establishing your store as soon as possible. To ensure that your store is fully operational and making money, we want you to improve your messaging, products, and store settings.

With the assistance of sponsored adverts, you can now reinvest the funds you made from using unpaid traffic generation strategies in your business. In addition, your business is now better run, your products are more suitable for your target audience, and your message is more appealing.

The Connective eCommerce strategy provides your business with more steady growth as well as a more structured and definite path to success in this way.

The three factors listed above are ones that connected eCommerce may assist your eCommerce website fully address to save expenses and hazards. Additionally, these are the three main sections on which to build an entire online store. You should now find out more about how to launch an internet store.

Connective eCommerce Overview


This program is most frequently referred to as eCom Babes.

eCom Babes is a course specifically designed for women, as the name suggests. It only makes sense that a course on running a business for women would be offered, given the large number of women who are now running their own firms.

eCom Babes is more than a simple training course. This is a terrific place to go for ladies who want to launch their own businesses but need assistance.

You should be informed that this course is intended for absolute beginners, therefore only the basics will be covered.

The dropshipping business concept will be covered in great detail in this course. After that, you'll learn about more complex subjects, like how to make advertisements and expand your firm.

Course Format

The course is offered in a video style, therefore video content will be present in every module.

This course will instruct you on all you need to know. There are also a few additional films. Because the movies have such excellent quality, it is easier for students to understand the ideas.

Since the videos are screen-shares, you will not be able to see the teacher's face when watching them, in my experience. Furthermore, the course is regularly updated, which is a huge advantage for anyone wishing to utilize it as a reference for a long time.

The Community

After you pay for the course, you can join a Facebook mentoring group. You can converse with Cortney and get to know other course participants in this community.

Three weekly Q&A calls are organized by Cortney herself to ensure the best possible learning environment. Any questions the learners may have can be directed at Cortney and the other coaches.

Is connective eCommerce a scam?

We are certain that you are beginning to understand the crux of the matter and what the opposing side's position might be.

They believe the connective eCommerce scam is accessible since it makes selling products online seem far too simple.

In fact, a Connective eCommerce is a necessary solution to advance business objectives by enhancing the user experience, increasing engagement, and ensuring that the supply chain has the integrity to finish eCommerce orders.

You have undoubtedly searched online for information about starting an eCommerce business if you have ever considered doing so. Regarding how to sell a lot of things on Amazon and earn a lot of money on Google, you can find a huge amount of tips and videos online.

Somebody may wonder why we haven't started doing something sooner if it is so simple.

In today's fast-paced world, digital is by far the most popular way to conduct business. Success isn't assured, even when it's in place.

A solid and well-thought-out Connective eCommerce strategy is required if you want to be lucrative. Furthermore, you must create a sound plan before starting any form of business.

There is absolutely nothing greater than a long-term sustainable approach, whether it be for a low-cost and low-risk business like connected eCommerce (or some other cheap ones like dropshipping, affiliate marketing, or print-on-demand). Sure enough, connective eCommerce scam is only a rumor.

What are the requirements for success in eCommerce?


Seeking assistance is never a bad idea, especially if you're just starting out. However, there is a significant distinction between asking for assistance and expecting success to come to you quickly and effortlessly.

It's not always a bad thing to hire someone to design your website or online store. It's preferable to outsource it if, on the other hand, you lack the necessary technical expertise and, in the beginning, you don't even have the money to recruit an individual who would work as a permanent member of your team.

However, the primary issue with outsourcing the marketing and management process is that you give up all control. If you manage to do it effectively, PPC doesn't have to be a huge expense, but, as with everything else, this involves time and work on your part.

So let's examine each of the aforementioned issues from a different angle. We'll offer you a general overview of when it would be beneficial to solve these issues YOURSELF and when it would be beneficial to involve a third party.

FAQs about connective eCommerce

Who exactly is Cortney Fletcher?

The eCommerce industry made a fortune out of Cortney Fletcher, a college dropout. She asserts that the beautiful jewelry she sells through her internet store, Transcends, earns her up to $24,000 every day.

Is eCom babes a real thing?

Yes. With the use of Shopify dropshipping, Cortney Fletcher's six-week online training Ecom Babes will show you how to start your own online store, attract potential passengers within four weeks, and develop your company.

Is it possible to launch an online store with no funding?

Many eCommerce business ideas don't need a large initial investment to get started. Your inventory and fulfillment responsibilities are entirely offloaded by connected eCommerce business models. You'll have more time to focus on what you do best, which is creating and selling your items.


The term "Connective eCommerce" is now causing a significant amount of discussion in the retail and distribution industries, but what does it actually mean? It is essentially seen as the progression from omnichannel commerce, giving you access to one version of the truth, the ability to connect all of your channels, and the ability to share data with you instantly.

Why, then, should this concern you?

The answer is simple: Connective eCommerce will enable you to differentiate yourself from the sea of "me too" competitors, which is essential in today's fiercely competitive sector dominated by major brands. As you are aware, any company's success and viability depend on its capacity to differentiate.

Connective eCommerce can assist you in ensuring that each interaction a customer has with your business upholds and displays your brand's core principles.

It will give your customers a wonderful, unified experience through all channels; it could be a differentiator and ultimately help you reach your growth goals. In this article, you have already known about the totally Connective review, Let’s start your business now.

Moreover, to enhance Connective eCommerce, finding more useful links for building strategies for your eCommerce is also a great idea.

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